From March 14 to March 18, 2011, Ruijie Operators Department, together with Ruijie University, provided the first session of RCNA special training 2011 for China Mobile in Ruijie Laboratory in Central University for Nationalities in Beijing. Many provincial companies and city offices of China Mobile are encouraged to register for the training, and most of the customers are from first-line departments in China Mobile, such as the full-service support and maintenance center in Liaoning branch, information support service center of Zhengzhou branch of Henan Mobile, the data class of the Networks division of Xinxiang branch of Henan Mobile, network operations support center of Beijing Mobile, and data services department of Beijing Mobile, and Inner Mongolia Department of mobile construction.
On the basis of the standard RCNA curriculum, Ruijie Networks customized a "Ruijie WLAN POE Access Solution" and "Dedicated Access Solutions for Big Customers" in combination with the current characteristics of network construction and business development of China Mobile. During the training, Ruijie also arranged to visit Ruijie Beijing Experience Center and other business activities, so customers have a more profound understanding about Ruijie’s strength, and activities can also grow the relationships between Ruijie and China Mobile.
After training, a customer survey questionnaire shows that the training curriculum program was ideal for the construction and maintenance personnel in data communications field of China Mobile provincial companies, and was very helpful for the customer's daily work. Customers benefited from the training program in basic network knowledge, switch and routing equipment configuration, network design, and network troubleshooting, etc. and improved in theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Meanwhile, all business activities during the training and daily living arrangements also reflected Ruijie’s meticulous care for customers.
After communication with China Mobile Group, Ruijie plans to provide a monthly RCCP or RCNA training from March to October 2011. We are expected to train 300 professional and technical data communication personnel for China Mobile all the year to help China Mobile to upgrade its professional standards and talent reserve in the field of data communications.