At present, 10-Gbps Ethernet products are becoming gradually mature, and the next wave of Ethernet switches is about to emerge. The 40/100-Gbps Ethernet standard has been ratified and released to the industry as the latest technical standard for large-scale deployment of large data center networks. The formulation of this standard raises stricter and higher technical requirements for next-generation data center network devices such as port capacity and port density.

Shortly after the release of the 40/100-Gbps standard, Ruijie Networks, China's leading network solution provider took a lead by launching switches and 40-Gbps modules for next-generation data centers and cloud computing. This move solves the bottlenecks such as large quantities of devices and high costs in traditional data center networks. "Converged network, virtualization, nonblocking switching network, and intelligence" become the development direction of next-generation data centers, laying a solid technical foundation for building cloud computing networks.


The switches for next-generation data centers and cloud computing of Ruijie Networks comprise core-layer RG-S12000 Cloud Computing series and access-layer RG-S6000 series. Both series are configured with 40-Gbps modules and support next-generation data center and cloud computing network features in hardware.

At present, the consensus in the industry is that the needs of future users for 40/100-Gbps high-end switches will center on the field of data center application to address transmission of large-volume data. 40-Gbps Ethernet will be used for data centers in 2012. According to the 2009 10/40/100-Gbps Market Scale Prediction Report by the market research company Infonetics Research, the sales revenue of 10-Gbps, 40-Gbps, and 100-Gbps network device ports worldwide would see a robust growth, with a total of 105 billion dollars expected to be spent by enterprises and service providers between 2008 and 2013.

At present, this market develops much faster than expected by the industry. The release of the 40/100-Gbps will bring a new round of significant rate increase of Ethernet. In this competition in emerging technology, each vendor is positively preparing for the arrival of the 40/100-Gbps era and tries hard to take a lead in a new round of competition. Data center products and 40-Gbps modules with cloud computing features launched first by Ruijie Networks in the industry not only proves another fruit for its independent innovation strategy over the years but also determines its technical leadership in the next-generation data center field.