The Information Technology Service Standard (ITSS) Working Team of the Software Service Division of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology held the seminar for the Information technology service delivery standard on October 15 in Beijing. The seminar gathered government leaders such as Yin Hongtao, Director of the Ministry of Information Industry, Deputy Director Ren Lihua, and experts from Ministry of Land and Resources, Auditing Administration, Ministry of Agriculture, the State Information Center, General Administration of Customs, the State Council Legislative Affairs Office, Bureau of Statistics, and Ministry of Public Security. Ruijie Networks was also invited to the seminar as a leading network solutions provider and a member of the ITSS Working Team. The meeting affirmed the importance and significance of the Development of the National Information Technology Service Delivery Standard and offered a large number of constructive ideas.

The seminar began by Director Yin Hongtao expounding the background of the ITSS Working Team. In order to standardize and guide the development of information technology services, the Software Service Division of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology formed the ITSS Working Team on April 23, 2009 in Beijing. The main task is to study and establish standard system of information technology services, and develop relevant standards for information technology services. And then at the meeting, Ruijie CEO Liu Zhongdong delivered a speech as a representative of the ITSS Working Team members. In his speech, Liu stressed that IT operation and maintenance has become the main business development direction of the future following its network equipment and software momentum. After his speech came the theme of the seminar: to seek expert advice from various ministries and form the draft standard for approval on the basis of the early established delivery standard. And experts also expressed their views on the specifications of the delivery standard.

As a top Chinese brand of network solutions, Ruijie Networks joined the ITSS Working Team and actively participated in the development of the national standard, which proves the influence of Ruijie in the IT world, and also further consolidate the position and values of Ruijie Networks among all the Chinese brands.