In May 2010, China Mobile Group established a factory inspection team to learn about various suppliers in terms of comprehensive strength, research and development, supply capacity, production lines, and commercial strength, and the team conducted spot check to more than 50 WLAN makers.

The factory inspection includes 17 major items in the business category, 42 major technology items and a total of more than 160 small items and each item requires on-site evidences. The inspection team was composed of experts from China Mobile Group, design institutes and provincial Mobile Companies and other departments, and the team went to the headquarters and R&D production base of Ruijie Networks in Fuzhou for a surprise inspection. In this process, Ruijie was spoken highly by the team with informative materials and undisputed data facts. For example, in growth capacity, the profit growth of Ruijie in 2009 was 88%, and the revenue growth rate was 43%, which were highly praised by the team. And in final factory inspection scores, Ruijie was one of the best. It has been proved the overall strength of Ruijie can fully meet the requirements of operators and provincial branches for centralized purchasing and actual network construction.