Lately, Ruijie Networks’ Total Digital Campus Solution was entitled a 2010 Excellent IT System Solution for Chinese Education Industry by the Education Management Information Centre of the Ministry of Education. Ruijie Networks won this honor for its constant efforts in campus network construction. By 2009, Ruijie Networks has constructed more than 20,000 campus networks.

It is said that Ruijie Networks proposed the Total Digital Campus Solution on the basis of a long-term research and analysis of over 20,000 campus networks throughout China. This solution builds a new campus network system where N services smoothly operate on the basis of three major platforms and are available to users through a unique portal. The solution proposes for the first time a campus network architecture with single-point login and real-name-based authentication as its core. It provides a new reference for digital campus network construction. This is the second solution ever delivered by Ruijie Networks that is entitle an Excellent IT System Solution for Chinese Education Industry, following the 2009 Education MAN Solution to Key Service Protection.

 On commending Ruijie Networks’ wining this prize for the second time, Mr. Wang Jihong, director of the Basic Education Industry Department, said: “We fully understand the challenges brought about by the rapid-developing IT system construction for primary schools, middle schools, and secondary vocational schools in recent years, and the responsibilities of Ruijie Networks in this regard.

Over the past 10 years working on education informationization, Ruijie Networks has maintained long-term relations with our customers in the basic education industry. Oriented towards user experience, Ruijie Networks delivered a series of solutions empowered by new technologies to meet the changing demand of education MAN and campus network construction. A focus on the demand of customers in the basic education industry has added momentum to Ruijie Networks’ effort to offer more effective solutions, which is our commitment in the past, for now and in the future.”