A good beginning is half done. For network output products and security products, good materials improve manufacturing efficiency, product quality, and product life. Good materials mean much more than half done.

Main boards, power modules, and fans are all critical parts of network output products and security products and have great implications on the performance of finished products. For example, the CPU temperature and network capabilities of the main board, the completeness and noise produced by fan blades, electrical specifications of the power module, and power connectivity during continuous on/off tests are important quality indicators.

The parts must be inspected before acceptance to ensure their quality. Otherwise, the unqualified parts may reduce manufacturing efficiency and have impact on the customers. Therefore, the Input Quality Control (IQC) Department prepared a checklist for each part to check their appearance, performance, and dimensions.

The IQC department of Ruijie Networks samples the parts for inspection according to GB2828, although the suppliers have implemented 100% inspection for the parts before delivering. A lot of parts can be accepted only when all the samples are qualified. For rejected parts, the suppliers must rework on them and re-inspect them.

Ruijie Networks implement more strict inspection for the parts of high failure rate, and will resume normal inspection only when the parts are all qualified for consecutive lots.

The strict material receiving requirements guarantee the product quality and urge the suppliers to improve their manufacturing processes. In 2009, the qualification rate of the parts was 97.1%, and the failure rate of critical parts in manufacturing fell bellow 0.1%, and the first pass yield hit 95%.