HONG KONG, 14 May 2013 - The ceremony of Prime Brand Award 2013 hosted by renowned IT magazines PC3 was successfully held on 23 April 2012.  It's our honor to be awarded the Prime Brand 2013 for Ruijie S5750-S Layer 3 Gigabit Ethernet Enterprise Switch and EasyGate (Cloud-based Application Guarantee Platform) products.
Winner of the Best Network Switch Award – S5750-S Layer 3 Gigabit Ethernet Enterprise Switch addresses the current high performance requirements of enterprises.   With its built-in virtualization feature, S5750-S can use UTP copper cable for stacking.  Its built-in 24-port 1000M interfaces, 8 combo 1000M fiber uplinks and 4 10G fiber uplinks are very suitable for most enterprise application scenarios.  Further, S5750-S consumes less power than other legacy GE enterprise switches and able to save the operational cost significantly.  
Ruijie’s Cloud-based Application Guarantee Platform - EasyGate 1000S was awarded as the Internet Gateway Management Platinum Brand. Using cloud-based applications in enterprises are becoming popular in recent years.  In some circumstances, end-users may experience service instability, which is mainly due to network bandwidth availability issues.  For example, high-definition video streaming can increase the burden of enterprise’s network bandwidth significantly.  Even the firewall itself is not sufficient to monitor and control these situations.  Ruijie’s EasyGate can effectively identify common non-business essential Internet usage, such as BitTorrent, P2P and video streaming.  This platform can reserve bandwidth for specific applications or dedicated VIP users.  It has built-in support over 700 Internet application signatures and able to intelligently identify common cloud-based applications.
General Manager of Ruijie Networks Mr. Dong Xinyu said: “Both awards serve to recognize Ruijie’s achievements and highlight our capability to deliver high performance, secure and green solutions for our customers.  It encourages us to deliver even better products and solutions to our end-users.”