On March 26, 2010, Ruijie Networks announced its Innovative Network Value solution in Beijing, starting its nation-wide rollout of the solution. The attendees totals 150, including education informatization specialists and scholars and the leaders in the Education Industry Department of Ruijie Networks.

In the height of education informatization that features digital campuses, information technologies have been widely used in teaching, research and development, management, and services in campuses, and have changed the education methods and concepts. In this process, supporting stable and efficient service systems of campuses with low investment and high turnover becomes a major concern.

To address the concern, Ruijie Networks launched its Innovative Network Value solution, which integrates a variety of innovative and intelligent products and delivers integrated, full-feature, and secure operation management systems for customers in the education industry. Liu Funeng, the general manager of the Education Industry Department of Ruijie Networks, said that Ruijie Networks would continue to provide innovative products and solutions to simplify management and interconnection and improve the value of network services, customer experience, and security audit with lower costs.

Despite of the economical recession, Ruijie Networks achieved better performance than ever in the year 2009. All Ruijie people kept their faith and passion and pursued their dreams to build Ruijie Networks into a world-class Chinese brand. The year 2009 witnessed prudent and sustainable development and great achievements of Ruijie Networks. By now, among the 2320 colleges and universities across China, 1850 of them are using products of Ruijie Networks in their informatization process. Ruijie Networks secures 80% of the education market.

The Innovative Network Value solution will also be launched in other 33 cities, including Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, and Chengdu. Ruijie Networks are working hand in hand with education informatization specialists to build a brighter future for education informatization.