Ruijie Networks has recently released a carrier-class gigabit Broadband Router ----NBR1100G. The product is applied to Ethernet / Fiber / ADSL access to Internet cafes, secondary schools and middle schools, governments, businesses, hotels and other network environment. Adopting all-gigabit interface NBR1100G can run with up to 200 devices. Compared to the previous generation product NBR1100, this new one achieves significantly improvement in interfaces, performance, and WEB interfaces.

NBR1100G Carrier-Class Anti-Attack Broadband Router

NBR1100G adopts a high-performance PowerPC RISC processor, and solidly configured with two1000M Ethernet WAN ports and four 1000M Ethernet LAN ports (three of them are multiplexing). All the interfaces can automatically identify network cable and cross-lines, to provide users with a flexible internal and external network application environment.

At the same time, NBR1100G has features such as built-in high-performance firewall; support standard and extended ACL (Access Control List); support for domain filtering; blocking of illegal, malicious Web site to access; support attacks from internal and external network and anti-anti-IP / port scanning. NBR1100G, with 100M DDoS attack defense capability, would ensure normal high-speed forwarding even in the case of 100M DDoS attacking.

The new version of router built-in operating system V9.16 designed for the internet café is a major feature of this router, its unique management and monitoring interface is separated in the design, which implemented separation of privileges. This interface can centrally shows information such as monitor interface traffic, IP traffic, ARP binding, NAT session and the system logs in single one page, and it can sort the IP traffic according to upload speed, download speed and IP address, meanwhile it provides system event log warning, which help network administrators to easily grasp the network operation status and to locate network failure rapidly.