The Olympics

The Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 was a great event in a hundred of years. Behind the scene, the high availability IP technology of Ruijie Networks supports the stable operation of various services.

During the Olympic Games, the high-end switch of Ruijie Networks ensured the stable operation of various services at multiple Olympic centers such as the 2008 Beijing Olympic Village, the Olympic reporting platform of Xinhua News Agency, the Tianjin Olympic Sports Center, the Olympic Forest Park and the 2008 Beijing Olympic Media Village.

One World, One Network – Beijing Olympic Village

The Olympic Village hosted over 16,000 sportsmen and sportswomen and Olympic officers from all over the world during the Beijing Olympic Games. During the Olympic Games, the high availability network of a dual core (distributed service processing), network-wide 10G and gigabit application to desktop constructed with the intelligent and high availability IP technology of Ruijie Networks supported various services, including news report, media and recreation, medical treatment and office operation of the Olympic Village.

Olympic Mobile Reporting Platform of Xinhua News Agency in 2008

The Olympic game report is an arena for the world media such as Reuters and AFP to compete with each other. The first competition is the reporting speed. Among all the media of the world, the Xinhua News Agency required to be the first to report news, that is, the competition results needed to be publicized on the Xinhua Website with 0.3 seconds through the network system. The core switch of Ruijie Networks with the distributed service processing capability was fully qualified for such a task. The Xinhua News Agency had stringent requirements for network reliability and stability for the games report. The RG-S7600 adopts the dual core mode and its unique TPP (topology protection technology) ensures the continuous and stable transmission of services.