The multiservice integration virtual network falls into two types: entire network reconstruction and partial service reconstruction. The multiservice integration virtual network of the entire network refers to the virtualization of the entire network with the MPLS VPN technology. At present most users have constructed their networks. The construction of the multiservice integration network mainly focuses on the virtual reconstruction of some services on the original network. Ruijie Networks successfully applied such service mode in the Southwest Jiaotong University.

The Southwest Jiaotong University, established in 1896, is among the first group of 211 Project Universities. It has a total of over 40,000 full-time teachers and students. The following figure shows the network topology of the Southwest Jiaotong University before reconstruction.

Reconstruction requirements of Southwest Jiaotong University:

1) The core equipment was used at the network center in the early stage. It has been aged and needs to be reconstructed.

2) The finance, audit and One-Card Service through subnets are independent from the campus network. The purchase, management and maintenance rights are under the control of various service departments of the university, incurring additional investment and management costs. For example, it is necessary to lease a single nude Fiber cable separately for the interconnection of dozens of information sites for the finance department among the campuses. This is a big investment.

3) The network center hopes to maintain the networks of these service departments uniformly and connect them to the campus network. However, the service departments are concerned that the security of the original services cannot be guaranteed after the reconstruction. They require that the reconstruction does not impact the operation of original services while satisfying the requirements of other service departments.

Multiservice virtual LAN: Networking of the RG-S8600 10G MPLS VPN in Southwest Jiaotong University

A S8600 is used in the Jiuli Campus to replace the original core 8600 of Nortel, while another S8600 is added to the Xipu Campus to form a dual core networking with Huawei 8016. The RG-S8600 switches of both campuses are interconnected via 10G nude fibers and be connected to the service subnets like the finance department, as shown in the following figure.

Network characteristics after reconstruction:

1. The Southwest Jiaotong University is the first adopting MPLS VPN networking solution in the southwest area, which establishes the university's leading position.

2. The normal operation of original services is guaranteed while deploying MPLS VPN, without causing any change to them.

3. RG-S8600 of Ruijie Networks operates together with Nortel’s S86 and Huawei’s 8016 for its good compatibility.

4. The inter- or intra-campus business subnets like finance, audit, One-Card Service can be deployed in MPL VPN, laying the technical foundation for the network center to take back the network purchase and maintenance rights of business departments in the future.

5. 10G MPLS wire-speed forwarding enables the development of MPLS VPN services on a large scale.

Overview of the MPLS VPN of Ruijie Networks

Ruijie Networks fully supports point-to-multipoint dynamic L3 VPN (BGP MPLS VPN), point-to-point L2 VPN (VPWS) and point-to-multipoint dynamic L2 VPN (VPLS). Moreover, it supports 10G performance and can implement flexible isolation of and mutual access to safe network areas.