Recently, the results for the survey of User Satisfaction Companies and Products in Electronics Industry in 2003 organized by China Quality Management Association for Electronics Industry (CQMAEI) were disclosed. The STAR-S2024 stack switch manufactured by Ruijie Networks, the leading network equipment and solution supplier in China, won the title of User Satisfaction Product in Electronics Industry in 2003. Meanwhile, Ruijie Networks stood out from the many network product vendors and ranked among the User Satisfaction Companies in Electronics Industry in 2003. It is said that this survey was sponsored by CQMAEI and conducted according to the requirements by the National Joint Promotion Office for User Satisfaction Project. The investigated companies were fully examined and the awarded companies were selected by the questionnaire conducted throughout China. The fairness and justice of the results were ensured and the field users' experiences were revealed at maximum. Experts point out that the Chinese network market is increasingly mature and the User Satisfaction has become the most convincible proof of brand awareness as the return on the comprehensive strength of a company.

For the past years, Ruijie Networks has been paying highest attention on User Satisfaction and kept raising its service level and quality. Ruijie Networks has set up a complete user satisfaction assurance system to offer all-through consumption experiences to its users. In addition to the basic standardized products and solutions, Ruijie Networks is more concerned with customization policies to meet any tailored requirements quickly. Based on its rich industry application experiences, Ruijie Networks promotes the 6S service with the idea of "Care anytime, satisfaction anywhere", in which the final judgment on the service quality is customer's satisfaction degree.

About this survey result, Liu Zhongdong, general manager of Ruijie Networks, said, "We are glad with the results of the survey by CQMAEI, but our coming efforts are to maintain customers' high satisfaction with our products and services. Currently, we provide end-to-end network products and full services that can effectively help solve customers' problems in network applications and create more values to our customers." In fact, as the Chinese network market grows from rapid development to maturity, the enterprise philosophy of Ruijie Networks has changed from being concerned about the company itself to customer satisfaction. The customer service idea of "Subtly observe the application trend and rapidly meet customers' demand" has been enrooted to the enterprise culture and guided every activity of the company. The two awards won in the survey of User Satisfaction Companies and Products in Electronics Industry are the strong positive return on the company's continuous efforts in enhancing user satisfaction.