On 7th Sept, Network World Conference 2012 and the 11th Ethernet World Conference were held in Beijing. Ruijie Networks, thanks to her superior strength of the network solution brand in China, won the "Most Influential Enterprise in China's Internet industry" award. This is the second time Ruijie Networks has won the title, since Ruijie Networks won the "Ten Influential Enterprises in China's Network Field" in 2011. This prestigious award once again proved that Ruijie Networks' leader status in China's network industry. 

The current Network World Conference had the theme "Ethernet Art of War, Network Moves Along with 'Cloud'", and provided network industry insiders with the latest Ethernet development trends, technical insights, and application experience. Leading network vendors and a number of industry experts together, including Ruijie Networks, studied and judged the future network technology direction, and explored the Ethernet application methods. 

Mr. Xiang Xiaosheng, Director of Ruijie Networks' switches and data center product line, was invited to present the speech entitled "Development and Application of the Cloud Computing Network Platform" at the conference. Xiang remarked that the cloud computing was sure to gain attention and development strength since reducing costs while improving efficiency is the eternal theme of an enterprise. As China's leading brand in networking solutions, Ruijie Networks attaches much importance to the networking technology with the cloud computing as the core, and has formulated a comprehensive cloud computing development plan. Ruijie Networks aims at establishing a cloud computing intelligence platform that is automated and user-oriented, and enhancing the comprehensive capabilities of Ethernet in the user application. 

Xiang also pointed out that Ruijie Networks' cloud computing development plan had made significant achievements: In 2011, Ruijie developed China's first cloud computing data center switch RG-S12000 based on a 100 G platform, and constructed China's first batch of 40 G campus networks. In these practical application projects, Ruijie Networks extensively used technologies such as the server virtualization technology, which is the core of cloud computing, and achieved good results. 

From the 2008 Beijing Olympics to the 2012 London Olympic Games, Ruijie Networks is constantly creating the best practice with profound accumulations and leading technologies in the networking field. In the future, Ruijie Networks will launch a cloud-based operating system, software-defined networks, and other new-generation technologies to help customers build better, less expensive, and more efficient "Ruijie" networks.