On September 19, Announcement of Favorite Brand of Consumers and 2007 China IT Consumer Satisfaction Questionnaire Awarding Ceremony sponsored by the Consumer Department of China Association for Quality and CCW Research and co-sponsored by China Computerworld Media Group is held in Beijing. This grand awarding ceremony is attended by more than one hundred representatives from China Association for Quality, the Ministry of Information Industry and CCW Research, enterprise CIO representatives and IT vendor representatives. As the leader in the education industry in the network device market, Ruijie Networks wins the award Consumer Satisfaction No. 1 in Education Industry in Network Device Market in 2007.

This grand gathering is the sixth annual meeting, with the first IT consumer satisfaction meeting held in 2002 by CCW Research. This investigation has been participated by 50,000 industry users and consumers in 34 industry segments including finance, telecommunication, manufacturing, government, education, energy, transportation, etc. Regarding this award, Liu Zhongdong, the general manager of Ruijie Networks, said, "This honor that Ruijie Networks obtains means affirmation and motivation by users in the education industry." Ruijie Networks will offer users in the education industry in China with more products and solutions suitable for their application requirements by continuing to insist on the enterprise business philosophy "Subtly observe the application trend and rapidly meet customers' demand" and actively participating in the informatization construction for the education industry in China.

As the participator and promoter of Chinese education informatization and the supplier of the industry leading network devices and solutions, Ruijie Networks always takes roots in the education industry. Resorting to the experiences accumulated in serving the education industry for a long time and strong independent research and development ability, it provides a series of products and solutions customized for education informatization by exactly understanding application requirements of the education industry. In the past seven years, Ruijie Networks scored great achievements by taking root in the education industry and serving the education industry. Now, Ruijie is the true leader in serving the education industry considering that it has successfully served more than 10000 education organizations and more than 1600 university users.