On December 18, 2007, the China IT Users Annual Conference was held at Beijing Empark Grand Hotel. This annual conference was co-sponsored by China Center for Information Industry Development (CCID) and China Informatization Promotion Association and organized by CCID Consulting and China Computer Users. This conference was attended by more than 300 persons, including informatization directors in different industries, user representatives, famous IT vendors, experts, scholars, representative from media, etc. Representatives in the annual conference deeply discussed the industry informatization construction from different points of view surrounding the topic "Drive harmonious development and promote application values".

At the annual conference, CCID Consulting released the final results of two investigations: 2007 China IT Product Consumer Satisfaction and Solution with Highest Application Value for Industry, and 2007 Annual Excellent Enterprise and Annual Excellent Individual in Chinese Informatization Construction. As the No. 1 national brand and the first vendor in the network equipment field, Ruijie Networks focused on informatization construction in such industries as education and finance as early as in 2000. It had become the mainstream supplier for network equipment in the education and finance industries thanks to its outstanding product performance and application-based end-to-end network solutions. At this annual conference, the Global Security Network (GSN) solution of Ruijie Networks won the award of 2000-2007 Solution with Highest Application Value for Education Industry, and the Super Bank Outlet banking solution of Ruijie Networks won the award of 2000-2007 Solution with Highest Application Value for Banks.

At this conference, CCID Consulting also released its prediction on the top ten hot technologies in informatization in 2008. SOA, unified communication, environment friendly energy saving technology, RFID, SEM, video applications, mobile commerce, ITSM, 3S and virtualization would become the focus of the public.