On May 12 2008, a 8.0 magnitude earthquake jolted Wenchuan Country in Sichuan Province of China, which has caused huge loss of lives and wealth of people in the earthquake zone. To express the condolence and sympathy of all the staff and the company to the people in the quake-hit area and help them to reconstruct their homeland, Ruijie networks donated RMB 1.5 million to the quake-hit area in Sichuan. Currently the donated money has been delivered to the quake zone via the Red Cross organization in Fujian province.

Furthermore, to meet the need of the quake-hit areas, our company has decided to donate network equipment valued RMB 10 million to help people to re-construct the information network in the earthquake zone. Now our company has contacted Chinese and local information department, positively communicating with them on the details of the network equipment donation. Besides that, Ruijie is ready to provide help and support in every possible way that people in the quake-hit area need most.

Through its own efforts and strength, Ruijie networks, as a national company in China, hopes to drive and call on more and more enterprises to participate in the donation, and help people in the quake-hit area to re-construct their homeland as soon as possible.