Days to Beijing 2008 Olympic Games have been counted down. As an industry-leading network device and solution provider i, Ruijie Networks initiates “Peaceful Olympics • Secure Cyber Café” —— Free Inspection Tour for Cyber Cafés to embrace the upcoming Olympics. This inspection tour aims at helping cyber café owners identify and troubleshoot potential security hazards existing in their network system so that they can embrace the Olympics with a secure, stable and high-speed “Fancy Network”.

Such an inspection tour will last 4 months, covering over 130,000 cyber cafés in more than 30 provinces and municipalities. Cyber cafés, whether they use network equipment of Ruijie Networks or not, can enjoy this service for free. Engineers from Ruijie Networks will arrive at cyber cafés in person, providing four health inspection services including network security, equipment running, equipment room environment and network performance, so as to prevent various potential security hazards on network. And they will give optimization proposals and measures regarding security issues found for cyber café owners.

In fact, to ensure stable operation of cyber café networks during Olympic Games, Ruijie Networks has set up a network security contingency team in May 2008 to provide free around-the-clock network security consultation service for cyber cafés. At the same time, Ruijie Networks organized experts to compile a Cyber Café Network Security Manual and released it in July 2008. Providing a large number of practical contingency measures against daily virus and network attacks existing in cyber cafés, this manual is distributed to all cyber café owners across China for free.

During Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, the network security poses a great challenge for all cyber cafés in China. ”We hope we can build up “Secure Cyber Cafés” for cyber café owners to enhance their service capabilities and profitability and erect a favorable image for cyber cafés in China during Olympics through such an activity; in the meantime, we hope the door-to-door service provided by our network engineers can help teach cyber café technicians network security knowledge and improve their security prevention awareness and security application/management levels so as to improve the security level of cyber cafés on a whole and quicken their stride towards “Fancy Cyber Café””, says Zhu Yiping, deputy general manager of Ruijie Networks.

It is known that the construction of related projects by Ruijie Networks, including Beijing Olympic Village, Olympic Forest Park, Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium network platform and Xinhua News Agency Olympic mobile coverage system, is already completed.