Recently, Ruijie Networks announced to work hand in hand with the Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology (NUIST) to build a wireless campus network with the top scale in Asia.

NUIST, a famous key university in China with a long history, enjoys the reputation of "the cradle of China's meteorological personnel". The wireless campus network of university building will be constructed with intelligent wireless solutions from Ruijie Networks, including 1100 intelligent management AP and 7 high-performance intelligent wireless switches. This solution will focus on coverage of student hostels, teaching area, office area and some leisure area.

Because of such huge project scale and large amount of equipments involved, this wireless campus networks project is rare in the education industry and even in China. Many well-known wireless companies at home and abroad carried out field tests and demonstration programs in the university. Ultimately, NUIST chose the intelligent wireless solutions provided by Ruijie Networks. This solution is customized according to the actual needs of the wireless network, with emphasis on high-stability of the entire network, high flexibility of the user access and high reliability of network security. Among them, target at the application characteristics of large-scale wireless networks, Rujie Networks innovatively adopt industry leading technologies such as N: 1 redundancy technology of the wireless switches, wired and wireless unified authentication solution, the global situation of the overall management, as well as the overall ARP protection technology, providing technical guarantee for the normal operation of the entire network.

Upon completion, not only can teachers and students experience high-speed wireless Internet access services anytime, anywhere, also the value added applications such as wireless voice, video monitoring, positioning of fixed assets, provides an efficient and stable platform for the information system of NUIST.

It is learned that this wireless campus network construction project are another leap forward after Ruijie networks built the largest wireless campus network in China in March 2008. It marks the intelligent wireless products and solutions from Ruijie Networks have been fully equipped to assume application of large-scale wireless networks, and Ruijie Networks established its position among the most mainstream WLAN products and solutions suppliers in China.