"The 4th Annual Conference of Centralized Purchasing and IT Government Procurement Meeting" came to an end in Beijing On January 8, 2009. From across the country, more than 200 government agencies on behalf of centralized purchasing and procurement representatives participated in the annual conference. In the conference seminar, problems in current government procurement were discussed, and local experiences were shared. As one of the top Chinese networks equipment suppliers, Ruijie Networks was invited to attend the annual meetings and rewarded "Government Sector Preferred Network Equipment Supplier”.

Mr. Wu Yafei,a network security expert from the National Information Center was also invited. He briefed the participants on the severe situation faced by the current information security, pointed out that the "substantial use of IT technologies and products imports, making our information security in a very passive and grim circumstances." His view caused a strong resonance from delegates took the floor. They hold that only in the procurement of the source of the good customs, and vigorously strengthen the independent innovation products in IT procurement, can information security build barriers for our networks.