Recently, “Top Product Award for Innovative Technology 2008” (ZDNET USER choice 2008) was solemnly announced. RG-S2900 series switch from Ruijie Networks was awarded the "ZDNET Annual Special Award for Green Technology."

“ZDNET USER choice 2008” was the annual enterprise-level IT Product Award released by the largest domestic enterprise-level portal website ZDNET. The selection of innovative technology product was based on product innovation, green energy-saving, collaborative applications and other multi-dimensional perspectives to conduct a comprehensive review on enterprise-level products. Events covered five technical fields such as network, security, software, servers and storage.

Winning the "ZDNET Annual Special Award for Green Technology", RG-S2900 series switch, introduced by Ruijie Networks, is a new generation intelligent security GE access switch, which combines high performance, high security, multi-intelligence and ease of use. This series of switch supports Gigabit WAN extension and Gigabit redundant stack to meet requirement of the doubled increased network traffic and rapid growth of multimedia services needs, saving users’ investment and conducive to the future network upgrades and smooth network transition.

At present, the average power consumption of same products in industry is 100W, while the RG-S2900 Series Switch's unique design, allows to reducing power consumption to 70W, which is energy-efficient and cost-efficient.

It is said Ruijie Networks was ranked into the awarded list together with IBM, HP, Cisco and other renowned enterprises.