The Ruijie RG-S5760 series switches, introduced by Ruijie Networks, offer paramount levels of performance, security, scalability and reliability for robust switching at the convergence layer of large-sized network, core layer of medium-sized network and access of core data server.

RG-S5760 series combines 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet ports and Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP)-based Gigabit Ethernet ports. The advanced features of RG-S5760 series accommodate demanding applications. Moreover, it offers resilient and safe connectivity and the next generation of traffic prioritization technology to optimize applications on converged networks. It is particularly suitable for convergence layer of large-scale networks that has high-bandwidth, high performance and flexible extension, for the core layer of medium networks, as well as for the access layer of data center server group.

RG-S5760 series offers intelligent features like flow classification from Layer 2 to Layer 7, advanced Quality of Service (QoS), rate limit, hardware-based internal CPU Protection Policy (CPP), Access Control List (ACL), multicast management, and high-performance IP routing while maintaining the simplicity of traditional LAN switching. While providing high-performance and multi-intelligence, its inherent security and defense mechanisms and user access management capabilities can effectively prevent and control the spread of the virus and network attacks, control the illegal user access, and ensure legitimate users to use network resources properly. It can also apply flexible and diverse safety control policies in accordance with the actual network environment, providing adequate guarantee for network security, rational use of network and operation.

With high cost effective, RG-S5760 series switches provide high-performance, comprehensive end-to-end quality services, flexible security settings and policy-based network management for convergence layer large-scale networks, core layer of medium network, and access layer of data center server, meeting needs of high-speed, secure, intelligent enterprise networks in the maximum extent.


RG-S5760 series provides support of features like RIP v1/v2, OSPF V1/2, static route, policy-based routing, VRRP, ECMP, and WCMP to flexibly meet the requirements of networks at all levels on routing protocols. A rich of security policies are also available. Typical examples are leading hardware-based CPU protection and hardware-based ARP check functions. The former can ensure the normal processing capability of the CPU of switches by controlling the bandwidth and priorities for various packets sent to the CPU, and the latter can effectively defend ARP attacks.

Moreover, S5760 series comes with many built-in mechanisms to prevent and control the spread of virus and hacker attacks, for instance, prevent DoS attack and IP scanning. The unique CPU protection policy (also referred to as CPP), the leading hardware-based CPU protection mechanism, classifies the data flows forwarded to CPU and queues by priority. It can also restrict bandwidth according to your real circumstances to protect the CPU from being occupied by illegal traffic as well as malicious attack and resource consumption. Based on hardware, network administrators can bind a port or a whole switch with the IP and MAC address of a user, so as to manage the user access on the port or the switch. By statically binding IP-MAC-port or dynamically binding IP-MAC-port under DHCP, the dynamic ARP check function can restrain the ARP spoofing of gateways and hosts increasingly flooded in the network, and thus guarantee the access to the Internet of users. DHCP Snooping ensures that DHCP Offer and DHCP ACK messages pass through only the trustworthy ports.

RG-S5760 functions as the switches of large size branches in banks, the aggregate switches of dormitory networks in campus, and the aggregate switches of office networks in buildings; the aggregate switches and the access switches of server clusters in the medical industry; the aggregate switches of large-size government organizations and the small core switches of the buildings in small-size government organizations.

Reasons of bear the palm:

RG-S5760 series offers users with a choice of cables by providing many kinds of multiplexing gigabit interfaces. Synchronous monitoring crossing multiple ports allows you to monitor the traffic on many ports through a port at the inbounding, outbounding or both directions for improved maintenance efficiency. The network time protocol/simple network time protocol ensures the accuracy of the time of switches by synchronizing the time server in the network, making it convenient to analyze and troubleshoot logs and traffic information. Syslog allows you to collect, maintain, analyze, troubleshoot and backup various logs for network maintenance and management.

Hardware design of this series switches supports multi-layer wire-speed switching, and provides rich and complete routing protocols to fit the routing and high-performance needs from a variety of large-scale networks.