Recently the tender of remote monitoring network project for Shanxi Branch of the Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) is successfully closed. This project experienced many procedures, such as planning for software, hardware and overall system design, selection of program, selection of equipment type, selection of supplier, and etc. After up to nine months, Ruijie Networks won the bid and the entire networks will be constructed by products and solutions from Ruijie Networks.

With over 500 outlets across the province, Shanxi Branch of Agricultural Bank of China has the greatest number of branch offices among state-owned commercial banks. In order to “Enforce internal control and management, prevent cases among all employees”, namely to actively and effectively carry out special management activities inside all the branches of Agricultural Bank of China, and to promote comprehensive prevention and control measures for the implementation of a permanent cure, Shanxi Branch of Agricultural Bank of China decided to execute the digital closed-circuit television remote monitoring network project among its provincial and city branch offices.

"The projects should be followed in principle of the most stable network operation, and the most powerful network processing capability ", said the chief officer of Shanxi Branch of Agricultural Bank of China, "As the largest network equipment supplier in China, Ruijie Networks provides the access products with excellent performance during the functionality testing, which fully satisfy the project requirement."

It is learned that the entire networks will be on line at the end of this year. By then, all the business outlets, business bank and ATM machines of Shanxi Branch of Agricultural Bank of China will be implemented with digital monitoring system; Main and secondary remote monitoring centers will be deployed in provincial and city branches, constructing a remote monitoring and control networking platform. In other words, the technical prevention and monitoring networking systems is consist of equipments such as audio-visual collection, transmission, display, recording equipment, completed with functions of alarm, sound, images of real-time simultaneous display, recording, storage, playback and other features.

"When the business volume and customer information increases, network requirement can be fully meet by the extension feature in network architecture design and the modularized design of the products." Jinxia, the general manager of the financial industry from Ruijie Networks, said: "By constantly improving the existing system and continuously strengthening the security of customer information, Shanxi Branch of the Agricultural Bank of China must be able to operate its business more effectively." This project will set up an successful reference of building a large-scale monitoring networks for the Agricultural Bank of China national-wide.

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Agricultural Bank of China was re-established in February 1979, with its headquarters located in Beijing. At the end of 2007, ABC had 24,452 outlets in Mainland China, two overseas branches in Singapore and Hong Kong, and three representative offices in London, Tokyo, and New York. ABC had 447,519 employees at the end of the year.

As a big state-owned bank, ABC has the most extensive reach in both urban and rural China. At the same time, it also steps beyond the border. In order to ensure sustainable development in urban and rural markets, ABC consistently upholds the principle of customer-orientation and prudential operation, provides tailored services and products for different segments of customers, and is determined to become partners of our clients. Based on nationwide outlets, massive electronic network and diversified financial products, ABC is committed to offering quality financial services to and creating value for our customers. By the end of 2007, its total assets, total deposits and total loans of the bank reached RMB 6.05 trillion, RMB 5.28 trillion and RMB 3.48 trillion respectively.

In 2007, ABC ranked the 65th among the 'Top 1000 banks' in The Banker, and the 277th among the Fortune's Global 500. It was rated BBBpi by S&P, and A1/stable by Moody's.