The national e-government outer net, constructed by the State Information Center, is the infrastructure project of e-government outer net covering the nation. The high-end routers and switch products from Ruijie Networks have been tested in actual environment of national e-government outer net. All the terms of the test have been passed at the first time, including MPLS, VPN and other important technologies.

The test was conducted in the operation of the national e-government outer net. A provincial-level simulation node was set up by the Ruijie Networks equipment, seamlessly connected with the existing national e-government outer net. Test results showed that router and switch products from Ruijie Networks fully met actual application requirements from the national e-government outer net.

The national e-government outer net provides networking support for the centre portal e-government website, other principal and city level portal e-government websites, and e-government application systems. By virtual of the networks system, it implements information resources sharing across departments and regions and provides reliable and convenient public service channels for the use of modern means of information technology at all levels of government, including network transmission, data switching, network management and security services. Because of the large number of users and distribution equipments, the networking performance requirement of stability, security and management is very high. Products from Ruijie Networks successfully passed the national test of e-government outer net, which proved the strength of products from Ruijie Networks once again.