Recently the Inner Mongolia University of Technology (IMUT) launched a new chapter in building digital campus. Addressing the high standards and strict requirements from the university, Ruijie Networks became the major equipment supplier by providing cost-effective products, tailor-made solutions and warm and thoughtful service. New information networks will enhance the efficiency of overall day-to-day teaching for the new campus and provide a stable, secure, reliable network information platform, as well as lay a good foundation for the construction of digital campus applications.

IMUT is a multi-disciplinary university with a teaching focus not only on engineering, but on natural science, liberal arts, economics, management and law as well. The network of IMUT is one of the largest, most advanced campus networks with high management level and network operation technology, which completed Inner Mongolia's first and second phases of campus network construction in cooperation with the Education Department and "the western construction of the University Campus Network" project financed by the Ministry of Education.

Principal of the university said that for the campus networks, the various and flexible applications are the key, the stable and reliable network is the foundation, improved security and management tools are the safe guard. Therefore the construction of the campus network not only meets the demands of teachers and students online in terms of speed, capacity, but also provides comprehensive support for the stable operation and security protection of the campus network. In addition, the network scalability is a key element, which will reserve space for future multi-services.

In the construction of Digital Campus, IMUT adopts industry leading ring networking mode based on 10GE- platform core switches, connecting old and new campus by the 10GE links to achieve dual-core dual-link and to improve the stability of the overall network. At the same time, all the core and convergence switches support 10GE technology, constructing a high-speed and stable networking platform for the smooth transition to future 10GE campus network, and laying a solid foundation for the future various applications.

At present IMUT have two outputs: CERNET and Netcom. In order to further improve the overall speed of the network and to improve bandwidth utilization of the export, NPE50 (network output engine), which is a special equipment network output engine developed for the practical requirement of network output by Ruijie Networks, is used in the network construction, to achieve high-speed data forwarding within and outside the network, and to provide detailed log to ensure the smooth export of the campus network.

At the same time, using the industry's most advanced technology distributed authentication accounting system Ruijie SAM3.X based on the 802.1X, can achieve the unified authentication accounting and authentication management for the overall networks. In addition, together with Ruijie log auditing system RG-ELOG, it can precisely manage every online user and provide the detailed online log for every user in the network, very convenient for the future network management and maintenance. With this solution, the campus networks of IMUT upgrades to a new generation campus network integrating operation and management as a whole.

As the industry leading network equipment and solutions provider, Ruijie Networks persistently explore and practice in the field of education information technology, and its products and solutions have been widely acknowledged and support by education users. The service in IMUT digital campus building, once again proves the comprehensive strength of Ruijie networks in education field.