Recently the National Audit Office announced that it would cooperate with Ruijie Networks again, to build the second stage of Jin Shen special project and Mi Wang network construction project. Prior to that, both sides enjoyed a great cooperation in the Audit Commission Changsha Network project.

Jin Shen project is one of the national 12 key projects taking forward the major tasks of national audit. The 2nd phase project started in early 2008, mainly on basis of the first phase project. This project aims to further enhance the efficiency and quality of audit projects, and to achieve the network audit on the implementation of central departments budget, customs, social security and financial industries and other important network audit, and to provide technical support for effective and timely audit on the implementation of the government budget, through construction and improvement of business information systems such as audit management, on site audit and networking site.

Mi Wang network construction project is designed to meet the State latest requirements from Secrecy Bureau, and it is the most important elements of the 2008 2nd phase of Jin Shen projects. In this project the networks are fiber to the desktop covering audit bureau and its 18 branches. It will function as a successful case in government ministries after completion. Currently computer technology has become a powerful tool for the audit industry. Mr. Zhiyu Wu, Director of the Computer Technology Center of National Audit Office, told that more than half of the cases in the current "audit storm" are revealed with the help of computer technology. Therefore, Ruijie Networks will further emphasize the technical input in the cooperation and make its greatest efforts to support the Jin Shen Project.