In the first phrase of the 2009 information products purchase project of China Central Government (IPPPCCG), Ruijie Networks has been successfully short listed. This project is directly under the authority of the CPC Central Committee on Government Procurement Center, divided into 16 packets, including the computer, server products and other 189 sorts of products. A total of 242 tender goods manufacture or the top level distributors of supplier participated in the tender, with a total of 9162 types of products. In this project, a total of 37 products of Ruijie Networks are finalists. 

IPPPCCG is very strict with the network equipment. Besides the product performance and corporate strength, there are strict requirements of a higher regard on the stability, security and scalability of the products. With the excellent performance and quality of its networking products, Ruijie Networks succeeded in the finalists and became one of the most important equipment suppliers for the government clients. 

In 2009 the first phase of the supply agreement, the selection of Ruijie Networks products fully displayed its decisive position in the networking field. Why Ruijie Networks can make achievements in government projects, the reason lies in the state's strong support to Ruijie Networks and, more importantly, in its operation concept that it sticks to the research and development road of independent innovation during its nine-year development course, enable its products with strong competitiveness in the industry competition. In addition, its solution and service which is close to customer needs is a powerful weapon to win in the fierce market competition. Because of the short-listed projects, Ruijie Networks’ brand value and influence will be further enhanced in the industry.