Recently, Ruijie Networks was successfully appointed responsible for China Life Insurance Company (CLIC)’s Supplement Centralized Purchasing Project in 2008. This project underwent preliminary stages of design and planning, solution selection, equipment selection, and supplier selection throughout the course of 6 months. Finally, Ruijie Networks stood out from the rest, and took responsibility of the project.

CLIC’s Supplement Centralized Purchasing Project in 2008 is a project extending from their life insurance budget, and involves the renewal of switches and routers in 19 provinces. It is an essential task in the informatisation of life insurance. Before the project began, Ruijie Networks went through extensive communications with relevant engineers of CLIC, and provided safe, stable, efficient, pragmatic, and manageable solutions according to the issues and needs of CLIC’s network construction.

This project involves 28 RG-S8610 High End Switches. To this day, all the switches and routers provided by Ruijie Networks to CLIC in 2008 have achieved excellent results, demonstrating the technical prowess of Ruijie Networks.

Ruijie Networks is a strategic partner to CLIC. On an understanding and trusting basis, the two companies have strategically collaborated on multiple projects. In CLIC’s recent Centralized Purchasing Projects, Ruijie Networks was selected multiple times, and maintains the position of CLIC’s greatest network equipment and solution supplier, providing complete technical support for CLIC’s information constructions and network solutions.