On July 13, 2022, The conference on "Towards a Green and Sustainable Smart Campus Network" was jointly organised by Ruijie Networks and University of Malaya. Representatives from more than 10 well-known Southeast Asian universities attended the conference. At the conference, Ruijie and these representative experts discussed the construction of smart campus informatization.
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With the accelerated construction of smart campuses and the emerging "smart scenarios", it is important to develop more comprehensive and high-quality network services with simple O&M. The representative from the University of Malaya pointed out that smart campuses still face challenges in the current network construction, such as high bandwidth demands, insufficient scenario coverage, and heavy O&M workloads. 
Infrastructure Head,DR Kanmani
To solve these problems, the University of Malaya has engaged in deep cooperation with Ruijie to deploy smart campus solutions. University of Malaya Infrastructure Head DR Kanmani shared the situation after adopting the latest O-Share Solution launched by Ruijie.which uses new photoelectric hybrid cables to provide data transmission and power supply over a distance of 1,600 meters. The solution is simple to deploy, space-saving and more secure. At the same time, the WIS cloud management platform can be used to simplify O&M, and remote digital visual management greatly reduces the O&M burden. The O-Share Solution effectively provides teachers and students with a better wireless experience, and also increases the quality of the campus wireless network. 
In addition, Ruijie Networks launched the Ruijie Networks Simplified Optical Ethernet Solution 2.X, which uses CWDM technology in innovative ways to achieve the complete passivity of aggregation node and zero maintenance of weak-current equipment rooms through an Ethernet all-optical network. Meanwhile, the solution does not split in bandwidth, providing high network performance with the maximum speed of the 1000M/10G bandwidth. It follows the mature Ethernet architecture, allowing for more convenient and flexible expansion of services. With the innovative application of Ruijie's SDN technology, the Simplified Optical Ethernet Solution 2.X can achieve the full link intelligent network O&M, and the O&M efficiency is increased by 80%.
Many Chinese universities shared their informatization construction experience at the conference. A teacher from the Huazhong University of Science and Technology gave a remote speech to clearly present the effect of Ruijie's wireless solution by comparing the wireless experience before and after its deployment. The solution provides the high bandwidth and low latency necessary for wireless networks in campus dormitories, and improves the O&M efficiency.
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To more clearly demonstrate the effects of Ruijie's wireless solution, the University of Malaya organized the participants to visit the student dormitory and data center on site. Through Ruijie's remote POC demonstration and the on-site explanation of experts, the participants could gain a deeper understanding of the solution and closely experience its effects.
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Ruijie has been deeply engaged in the education industry for more than a decade, serving 100% of "double first-class" universities. According to IDC data in the first quarter of 2022, Ruijie Networks enjoyed the largest market share both in the switch and wireless network markets in the education (including higher and general education) industry with 35% and 33% of the market share respectively. Ruijie Networks adheres to scenario-based innovation, helps higher education to build a comprehensive ecological system for smart campuses, and promotes the implementation of smart education through informatization. With user-orientated solutions and professional and efficient customer services, our businesses offer coverage in more than 50 countries and regions. Ruijie Networks will work with partners to build a more comprehensive ecological system and contribute to the global digital transformation.