Education informatization development is pushing smart campus development into the next level.
July 5th, 2022, Ruijie Networks together with PT. Wahana Piranti Teknologi & and Harrisma Computer Joga jointly held a meeting with tiltle of “Towards a Green & Sustainable Smart Campus Network” in the Phoenix Hotel Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Inviting customers in education informatization field e.g. Politeknik LPP Yogyakarta, IST Akprind Togyakarta and UPN Veteran Yogyakarta to discuss the construction and development of smart campus.
Towards a Green & Sustainable Smart Campus Network on 5th of July 2022
In transition of smart campus construction, smart classrooms and IoT have grown rapidly. This has brought about a substantial increase in services such as teacher/student terminals and public Internet terminals, which has put forward higher requirements for the bandwidth of the school network. Traditional Ethernet has encountered a big bottleneck in the problem of multi-service bearing, couldn’t meet the needs of current campus network services. Under this background and following trend of Education 4.0, Ruijie Networks with local SI partner in Indonesia Harrisma and distributor Wahana jointly hold < Towards a Green & Sustainable Smart Campus Network > on 5th of July 2022 and invited many local customers in educational field. 
Harrisma delivered opening speech for the event on 5th of July 2022
By accelerating the technology transfer through partnership with leading IT vendors, Harrisma and Wahana Piranti Teknologi (or Wahana in short) committed long-term mission of helping Indonesia to develop IT industry’s potential value. In recent years, the cooperation between Ruijie Networks and Harrisma in Indonesia is very close, jointly expand the local market.
During the event, by showing the case video of Ruijie Networks at Northeastern University in China, prove Ruijie Networks' all-optical wireless solution for universities creates a "three-network integration" of wired network, wireless network and Internet of Things. Building a smart campus with ubiquitous WLAN deployment and AI management.
Ruijie Networks solution manager of Indonesia Imam elaborated the background and had presentation to highlight the advantages of Ruijie Networks' Simplified Optical Ethernet Solution 2.X: Simplified Architecture; Flexibility & Extensibility; High Bandwidth; Secure Control and Intelligent Operation and Maintenance. 
Ruijie Networks' Simplified Optical Ethernet Solution 2.X Presentation
Moreover, through Live demo WIS section during the event shows how Ruijie solution do the troubleshooting and operation remotely; for time saving to access process playback; configuration recording to improve maintenance efficiency and provide baseline analysis to solve problems before complaints.
Live demo WIS
Steven, Ruijie Networks Asia Pacific Chief Technology Officer had an in-depth discussion with guests after the event. By sharing the case of University of Malaysia hostel demonstrated how Ruijie experts helped in Wi-Fi issue discovery to develop solution together, implementing smart campus deployment in the top university in Malaysia. Also, he discussed the development of education informatization with customers in Indonesia.
University of Malaysia Hostel Case Sharing from Ruijie Networks CTO Steven
The development of smart campus is inseparable from network support. From expansion of technical routes, renewal of products, to upgrade of solutions. Ruijie Networks has been deeply involved in the education industry for more than 20 years and their solution has been deployed in more than 2600+ universities in China. Now Ruijie Networks is boosting mature products and solutions to international market, aiming to continue to exert its advantages, promotes the process of informatization, digitization and intelligence of education customers worldwide through product and solution innovation.
Ruijie Networks 
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Ruijie has been committed to fully integrating technology with application scenarios, designing and innovating product solutions close to users, and helping them achieve digital transformation and business value innovation in various industries. Over the years, Ruijie has built in-depth scenario-oriented application experience through solution design and innovation. Taking full advantage of new technologies such as Cloud Computing, Big Data, 5G, IoT, and Al to provide a series of products and solutions for users in various industries such as Switches, Wireless and lot, Cloud desktops, Routers, Network Security, IT Operation and Maintenance Management, Smart Classroom, Identity Management, etc. The user-oriented innovations have been widely used in Government, Operators, Finance, Education, Medical, Internet, Energy, Transportation, Commerce, Manufacturing, and other industries and enterprising IT construction fields.