Interop Tokyo 2022, Japan's largest ICT industry event, was opened at Makuhari Messe in Tokyo on June 15. This time, Ruijie Networks' 400G data center switch RG-S6980-64QC was the sole recipient of the Special Prize in the network Infrastructure (Carrier / ISP) section of “Best of Show Award”.
Interop Tokyo, the largest and most influential ICT exhibition in Japan, attracts top technology companies from all over the world every year. As one of the important awards of the exhibition, the Special Prize of "Best of Show Award" goes through layers of screening every year, and is awarded to the outstanding products and solutions with stronger innovation capability and the ability to lead the next generation of IT trends.
The reasons for winning the prize are that the RG-S6980-64QC supports the latest 400G ZR optical module, can be expanded to 64 400G ports, and features cost effectiveness. As Ruijie's ingenious work for next-generation data centers, it can meet the network deployment requirements of application scenarios such as AI/Machine Learning, High-Performance Computing, and Distributed Storage of Big Data.
The most remarkable feature of RG-S6980-64QC is "innovation". Being a next-generation 4U box switch that features the scalability of 64 400G ports, it is ideal as a core switch to be deployed in the network architecture, further resolving the problems of large chassis switches with high power consumption and high requirements for supporting facilities. Besides, with a fraction of the floor space of the chassis switch and low power consumption, it brings higher port density and greatly alleviates the problem of insufficient space in the core computer room of the data center. In particular in DCI scenarios, it can meet users' requirements for larger scale, lower cost, and faster delivery of network architecture.
In addition, another 200G / 400G data center switch, RG-S6580-24DC8QC, was also nominated for the "Best of Show Award" in the network infrastructure (Carrier/ISP) section. The award and nomination have fully affirmed Ruijie's technology and innovation strength in the field of data center switches, especially 400G data center switches, in the international market.
As the global market enters a new era, the data centers are facing more opportunities and challenges. Ruijie is continuing to develop high-performance data center switches and is committed to using technological innovation to promote the vitality of data center development. Ruijie has launched a cutting-edge architecture with higher performance, high reliability and programmability, which can realize intelligent and automatic operation and maintenance, and help customers achieve sustainable high-performance cloud data centers by using low-energy consumption design and low-carbon materials. 
As one of the top three vendors in China's data center switch market, Ruijie has ranked first in the growth rate of the market in the past three years. Ruijie is also the main provider of China's three major operators (China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile) and leading Internet enterprises such as Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu and ByteDance, ranking third in the market share of Ethernet switches in China. 
Up to now, Ruijie's data center switches have been commercialized on a large scale by 300 Internet enterprises, and are increasingly trusted and selected by customers from the industry around the world, playing an important role in facilitating the construction of new infrastructure for the digital economy.
(Source: IDC 2021)