At the higher education smart campus promotion event held at Southwest University of Political Science and Law yesterday (October 28), a large fish tank and over 50 mobile phones were displayed at the booth, attracting a large number of customers. Some customers were puzzled, "Has Ruijie started selling mobile phones?"



Taking a closer look, it turned out that this was exhibiting the "hard power" and "soft power" of Ruijie wireless AP!

Hard power: RG-AP680(CD) outdoor access point can operate normally in the fish tank!

Soft power: RG-AP850-I(V2) can be connected to 50 mobile phones at the same time to watch HD live broadcast without lagging! (p.s. RG-AP850-I can support the industry’s highest number of clients certified by Tolly)

The Southwest University of Political Science and Law recognized the power of Ruijie Wi-Fi 6 and chose Ruijie's Wi-Fi 6 products for all scenarios during the network upgrade, which became the first university in Southwest China with Wi-Fi 6 for the entire network, leading the trend of informatization construction!


Finally, let us give a big hand for the event staff in Chongqing who exhibited the power of Ruijie Wi-Fi 6 to the customers with such an innovative display method!