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How DANGERS during Non-Office Hours?

×     Any outsiders keep using your Guest Wi-Fi in Non-office hours?

×     Do you know Guest Wi-Fi are less secure and more easy to breach?

×     What business impact if hacker breach your Office Network?

All Enterprise security features are included on Ruijie Cloud at FREE

(Ideal for any Enterprise Office over 20 staffs with multiple branches)


Our Solutions

l  Scheduled OFF your Office Wi-Fi or only the Guest Wi-Fi (SSID) during Non-office hour


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About Ruijie:

Ruijie Networks, founded in 2000, has been recognized by Gartner in Magic Quadrant of Wireless and Wired LAN Infrastructure. Nowadays the No.1 Enterprise Wi-Fi 6 Supplier in PRC (source: IDC China Enterprise Tracker 2019, shipment units)


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