The 2019 FIBA World Cup has ended with a stunning final between Spain and Argentina last night.

As the network supplier of this event, Ruijie provides integrated network services, from scheme design to project implementation, with its overall operation and maintenance of wired & wireless network, showing the technical strength and visible good services.

FIBA has attached great importance to the network construction of the event this year. The overall operations, media and broadcasting need strong network supports, which has strict standardization requirements for its stability, reliability and security.Take one of the host cities, Dongguan as example, 130 Ruijie indoor APs distributed in every corner of the venue with 60,000 square meters, providing highly reliable wireless service for media. The strong cable network with more than 70 SWITCH SDNs, providing 1500 access points for press release.

The wire network made use of the SDN controller. If the team connected the wrong line, the loop node bugs can be quickly located and eliminated in time. By using SDN IP visible management of the whole network, the whole network of 49,000 users can be flexibly managed to ensure their smoothly use.

It is worth mentioning that the whole project here from installation to acceptance only took one week. Not only because of the rich experience from Ruijie service team, but also the usage of smart tools that had greatly improved the efficiency.