Last week, all attendances of "2019 'Digital Silk Road' Workshop: Cooperation and Development" paid a visit to Ruijie Networks. This workshop was launched by Chinese Ministry of Commerce and organized by International Cooperation Center (ICC) of National Development and Reform Commission. These 26 attendances are heads of respective department that leads the informatization from 9 countries including Malaysia, Belarus, Bangladesh, etc.

▲"Digital Silk Road" Workshop

  • On Strategic Foresight

The official meeting started on 10:00 a.m., Leon Yu (Pre-sales Technical Director, International Business Division of Ruijie Networks) gave a welcome address as well as keynote speech themed "Building a New Ecology of Information Technology". In his speech, he outlined Ruijie's current development, and cutting-edge tech trends in the global communication industry.

▲Leon Yu Giving the Keynote Speech

Currently, Ruijie has its operations in 30+ countries/regions, and is open to cutting-edge tech trends.

To quote from Leon reads:" Innovative technologies including 5G, Internet of Things and Wi-Fi 6 are renovating ecological pattern of information technology. Ruijie is adequately prepared for product technology and puts its R&D focus on customers' real-world application scenarios, hoping to deliver real value to customers with latest technology and enabling customers' business success."

According to Leon, entering the age of "A New Ecology of Technology", Ruijie manages to develop brand new, open and programmable switches, cloud desktop solutions for industry that combine VDI+IDV, Wi-Fi 6 access, 5G distributed indoor base station and other cutting-edge solutions.

▲Attendances Visiting Ruijie Experience Center

  • On Capability

For the afternoon, the workshop shifted its focus from globally cutting-edge tech trends to use cases of intelligent government affairs in China. Guan Tian (Product Director, Router Division of Ruijie Networks) gave his keynote speech.

Guan Tian commented, "A secure and reliable access network with a clear division of power and responsibility shall enable governmental departments to share information on government affairs, and serve as a solid foundation to bring the superiority of online service into full play."

Against this background, Ruijie introduces secure access and management solutions for China government desktops. The deployment of Security Access Control Gateway and Resource Access Controller Center (RACC) will make it impossible for one desktop within the system to access the government website and Internet at the same time, thus security domain isolation can be ensured at the operational level. In addition to this, real name authentication is enforced for user desktops. This not only ensures a clear division of power and responsibility, rule-breaking operations can also be easily traced and tracked.

  • On Governance

With the aim of image captured for each individual and plate number captured for each car, Project Dazzling Snow is one of the key projects concerning security for smart city in recent years. This project is to efficiently improve the overall prevention & control performance of the Crime Prevention and Control System with broad deployment of high-definition video surveillance network.

When the installation and deployment of large number of HD cameras are completed, relevant departments will have to take care of mass video data, which brings significant pressure on network and daily operation.

According to Guan Tian, "Ruijie has assisted several cities in building network for high-speed data transfer. With Ruijie's Realtime Intelligent Infrastructure Library (RIIL), the operation team can manage with global visibility with the help of an integrated operation & management platform, independent of various terminals or brands. RIIL will check compatibility and adapt, and generate a precise business model, delivering global visibility into network operations from business' perspective to ensure reliable and efficient operations of the entire network."

To conclude this workshop, lecturers and all attendances posed for a group photo.