Brazil, a country of passion, has always been attracting the world with its carnivals of hot sambas and dazzling performances. Parintins, a city of Brazil, also has a magnificent folk festival named Festa Junina, the second famous festival with Amazon characteristics in Brazil. In this joyous festival, people play operas, sing songs, and dance. Exchanges of music, paintings, and other traditional folk arts also see many participants. In this world of music, dances, smiles, and hugs, you can fully feel the open-mindedness and ebullience of Brazilians.  

In June 2019, Parintins Festa Junina welcomed guests and friends from all over the world. During this audiovisual banquet, Ruijie provided its reliable ‘10,000+ Wi-Fi Access’ service, allowing visitors to have high-quality access to the wireless network when they were absorbed by the performances.

Reliable Wi-Fi Connects All Participating in the Festa Junina

During the festival this year, approximately 30,000 visitors gathered here daily. On June 30 and July 1, the number of visitors reached its peak. For better experience, the organizer wanted to offer Wi-Fi services during the whole event, enabling visitors to instantly share and transmit wonderful experiences while watching the performances.

However, such a large event imposes great challenges on Wi-Fi coverage. To meet the network demand of 30,000 people, a large number of APs were needed to implement complete coverage. At the same time, to ensure user experience under a high-density environment, interference between electromagnetic waves must be avoided. Furthermore, irregular building distribution on site also increased difficulties on Wi-Fi construction and coverage.

After rounds of technology screening, the organizer chose Ruijie as their network service provider. Leveraging expertise in the benchmark level ‘10,000+ Wi-Fi Access’ service, Ruijie quickly responded and eventually provided high-quality wireless network access for the event.

Ruijie Cloud Empowers Cloud Management Over Scenario-oriented Wireless Solution Deployment

Regarding specific requirements of the Festa Junina project, Ruijie designed a scenario-oriented solution suite, including 82 indoor (RG-AP720-I and RG-AP740-I) and outdoor (RG-AP630) high-performance APs, 13 PoE switches, one RG-EG3000XE gateway, and other star products.

  • The indoor environment adopted Ruijie APs equipped with the fourth-generation ‘X-sense’ technology. Innovative technologies such as the tri-band design, 4 x 4 MU-MIMOs, and HT160 improved signal coverage of wireless APs with a more stable communication speed and higher signal transmission efficiency.
  • In the indoor environment, all APs adopted PoE switches to supply power remotely. Regarding the high temperature and large precipitation volume in Parintins, this solution also adopted fully sealed designs that were waterproof, dustproof, moisture proof, lightning protected, flame retardant. These designs could easily weather through wind erosion, rainfall, moisture, and other harsh outdoor conditions.
  • In addition, Ruijie provided the Ruijie Cloud service that integrated configuration management, device status monitoring, fault diagnosis, and mobile maintenance and operation, building a panoramic view of the wireless network for the Festa Junina. This product also had a mobile app version, making operation and management faster and easier. Moreover, as a cloud service product with enterprise-level quality, Ruijie Cloud was certified by the international authority Tolly Group.

This year witnessed an unprecedentedly large-scale Festa Junina. During the event, over 20,000 visitors used the network provided by Ruijie every day. The highest concurrent access to the network reached 2,200. As a result, Ruijie met efficient operation and maintenance requirements of the organizer and provided smooth network access for tens of thousands of visitors.

Recognition from Global Customers Proved Ruijie's Global Service Capability

"During this Festa Junina, we adopted the Ruijie Cloud solution provided by Ruijie to build a wireless network serving over 10,000 people. We had a wonderful cooperation experience, which greatly helped improve deployment and optimization efficiency." Wi2be, partner of the organizer, paid high tribute to Ruijie's solution and stated that in the future the two parties would cooperate in more fields in a larger scope.

At present, Ruijie's business covers over 30 countries and areas. After successfully supporting large conferences including Alibaba Computing Conference, GITC, and Summit of China and Central and Eastern European Countries, Ruijie will further release the amazing experience of ‘10,000+ Wi-Fi Access’ to global users to show its innovative capability.