Result of the China Telecom's bid for centralized procurement of WLAN devices (2019) was recently unveiled. Several all-scenario AP and AC devices from Ruijie Networks made it to the list. Ruijie also won with the top share for the very first try in China Telecom's bid for centralized procurement of WLAN devices. This again highlights Ruijie's ability in "rooting into industries and digging deep into the scenarios", and its strength in continuously improving products.

In the past few years, Ruijie's WLAN products have always been "scenario-oriented" and user-friendly. Products and solutions built for users' actual business have impressed quite a few clients across the industry. China Telecom planned to purchase about 150,000 AP devices and 700 AC devices for this project, including ceiling-mounted dual-band AP (indoor), high-density tri-radio AP (indoor), single-band wall plate AP (indoor), dual-band AP (indoor) and outdoor APs, and another 4 AC devices loaded with different capacity.

Ruijie's WLAN products listed by China Telecom this time support high speed, high concurrence and high capacity. They are able to analyze each user group's feature based on different scenarios and characteristics of each building, to provide different types of AP devices and deployment methods, not only meeting China Telecom's needs for application constructions in government, education, finance, healthcare and more, but also assisting China Telecom with its development of informatization for governments and enterprises.

Now Ruijie owns the second biggest share in China's enterprise-level WLAN market (IDC data, December 2018). With the launch of “Holo New Connect” strategy for wireless products in June 2019, Ruijie will roll out its grand blueprint for intelligent and wireless services, enabling interpersonal connection as well as the connection spanning devices, scenarios and applications. From powerful base station with Wi-Fi 6 to open and sharing Cloud 3.0, and to accurate layout that covers the entire IoT lifecycle and edge computing, Ruijie unlocks the full potential of combining “Holo New Connect” and scenario-oriented innovation.

So far, Ruijie has been collaborating closely with China Telecom's branches in different provinces, and established a long-term, steady and reliable partnership with China Telecom. This inclusion is the third win for Ruijie. Previously in 2019, Ruijie won the bids for China Telecom's centralized procurement of datacenter switches and midmarket & low-end routers and switches. This win further demonstrates Ruijie's strength in product innovation and high-quality delivery. As a leader of network communication in China, Ruijie will broaden and deepen its cooperation with China Telecom, helping China Telecom with its informatization construction.