Recently, the 2019 China Petroleum and Petrochemical Enterprise Information Technology Exchange Conference was held in Beijing, China. A galaxy of over 1,000 experts from the industry brainstormed in the conference, driving China’s petroleum and petrochemical enterprises to rocket in information-based development. Those experts are well-known academicians in the information industry, or come from the MIIT, NEA, and other ministries and commissions, as well as from group companies such as PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC, Sinochem Group, Yanchang Petroleum Group.

Empowering industrial transformation by utilizing digital technology has been a strategic option for petroleum and petrochemical enterprises to achieve high-quality development. In this conference, the most talented brains gathered to dig out values and solutions of artificial intelligence, big data, and other new-generation information technology for digitalizing the oil and gas industry such as smart petroleum reservoirs, intelligent pipes, and smart filling stations.

As a solution provider serving China’s data communications for nearly 20 years, Ruijie Networks was invited to the conference and to give a keynote speech. Over the years, Ruijie has been building in-depth scenario-oriented application experience through solution design and innovation in the energy industry to provide useful products and meet customers’ information-based requirements. Today, Ruijie is a class A petroleum supplier to PetroChina and has won biddings and served in Sinopec’s information-based oil and gas production projects for two consecutive years. In the projects, thousands of sets of industry-level wireless network bridges were adopted for Internet of Things in a steady and large-scale manner.

At present, the innovation and development of the energy industry heavily hinge on comprehensively improving information technology innovation capabilities of petroleum and petrochemical enterprises and speeding up energy industry digitalization. Ruijie will continue to strive for scenario-oriented innovation based on its profound experience and cutting-edge technology, to fuel the long-term development of informationization for petroleum and petrochemical enterprises.