From May 6th to 9th, the 2nd Digital China Summit with the theme of "New Dynamics, New Development and New Achievements Empowered by Informatization" was held in Fuzhou, Fujian Province in China. Ruijie Networks was invited to participate in the event and showcase its 25G/100G data center solution, new retail AI solution and RIIL IT operation, maintenance and management platform. Ruijie also dispatched a technical team to ensure the stable operation of the on-site network and assisted the Digital China Summit with technological innovation.
Scenario-based solution demonstrated the digital power
At the summit, Ruijie showcased the data center solution, new retail solution, IT operation, maintenance and management solution as well as the big data security platform to demonstrate its scenario-based innovation capabilities and concepts, which had received high attention from the audience and various media.
  • 25G/100G data center networking solution
Ruijie's first 25G/100G data center solution in the industry, with new switch chips and technologies, provides larger scale, faster speed and higher intelligence, which can better support high-performance computing such as AI. Since its launch, the solution has been successfully deployed for top Internet companies in large scale, including Alibaba, Toutiao, Meituan and Tencent, leading the Internet into the ultra-large-scale 25G era.
Figure: Data center networking solution used by top Internet companies
  • Unmanned retail AI smart refrigerator 
With the increasing labor costs nowadays, in order to reduce operating costs, the unmanned smart refrigerator integrating online connectivity and offline experience has become the best way to explore new retail models. Ruijie’s  new retail AI smart refrigerator solution adopts the RFID technology and visual recognition technology to automatically identify product information without the need of retail staff. The overall cost is only less than 70% of the traditional vending machines, providing consumers with a convenient and ultimate shopping experience.
Figure: Media and guests experiencing unmanned retail refrigerator
  • Integrated IT operation, maintenance, management and big data security platform
Under digital transformation, the data and services are becoming more and more complex. To this end, Ruijie launched the integrated IT operation, maintenance and management platform RIIL , providing users with an important platform for refined and unified management as well as reference for decision-making. The big data security platform uses big data for security analysis to achieve security situation awareness. 
In the government, healthcare and education industries, RIIL occupies a leading position in the market share. 65% of the ministries including the national, provincial and city’s e-government networks are using RIIL.
Figure: RIIL received high attention from various media
Excellent service guaranteed the uninterrupted network
During the Digital China Summit, Ruijie Networks sent a technical team of more than 10 senior engineers to ensure the network security of the organizer's e-government network and carry out on-site operation and maintenance of the office network and public website for the Digital China Summit. The smooth network supported the applications of various black technologies at the event.
Ruijie is committed to building Digital China  
As the pioneer of informatization, Digital Fujian started the path of exploration 19 years ago and became the starting point of Digital China in 2018. As the most important digital communication company of Star-Net Ruijie, Ruijie Networks keeps up with every technological revolution and delivers cutting-edge technologies. 
Ruijie has launched one innovative solution after another in the industry from the first network management switch with independent intellectual property rights in China, the X-sense smart antenna which greatly enhances wireless performance, the Cloud Class Solution which completely revolutionizes the computer classrooms, to the integrated IT operation and maintenance platform RIIL with the largest market share for many consecutive years. Adhering to the mission of integrating technology and application to promote social advancement, Ruijie continuously enhances the application experience for the customers and cooperates with users in various industries to promote digital transformation and upgrade. Ruijie, similar to the Digital China, started in Fujian and expanded to various industries in China. With the expansion to more than 30 countries and regions overseas, Ruijie has become a renowned brand of data communication solutions in China.
In the future, Ruijie will continue to launch new solutions for scenarios such as data center, office network, commercial Wi-Fi, cloud office and retail, demonstrating Ruijie’s continuous innovations and driving the fast implementation and growth of Digital China.