The 2019 China Unicom Partner Conference was held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center from 23rd to 25th April. At the largest annual event of China Unicom, China Unicom Cloud Data Ltd. announced its strategic cooperation with Ruijie Networks on cloud desktop. 
2019 China Unicom Partner Conference
Ruijie presented the topic on the innovative implementation of cloud desktop technology and exhibited its products, showing the application of cloud desktop in cross-industry and all scenarios. 
Ruijie presenting its cloud desktop products
With the rapid development of cloud computing, cloud desktop can be seen everywhere. VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) and IDV (Intelligent Desktop Virtualization) are the main desktop virtualization products that are widely used in education, government, enterprises, healthcare, etc. Ruijie Cloud Desktop has formed a wide market coverage through continuous innovation in different scenarios and the exclusive solution integrating VDI and IDV, occupying a leading position in the domestic market.
Ruijie cloud desktop exhibition area
According to the report of IDC, an international authoritative consultancy, Ruijie has always ranked first in the VDI enterprise-grade terminal market in China since 2014. As of the end of 2018, Ruijie has built 20,000 cloud classrooms and deployed more than 1.2 million Ruijie cloud terminals in the country. The number of users who attended classes in cloud classrooms has reached 140 million. The cloud office solution has been applied in various industries, with more than 20,000 customers.
In terms of strategic cooperation, Ruijie Cloud Desktop cooperates with various manufacturers such as Microsoft and Intel to promote the cloud desktop. The strategic cooperation with China Unicom Cloud Data Ltd. will further expand the partner coverage of Ruijie Cloud Desktop and lay the foundation for better serving the cloud desktop customers. In the next step, China Unicom and Ruijie Networks will take advantages of their respective resources and carry out all-round and in-depth cooperation in technological investment, solution development and marketing promotion based on the principle of information sharing, collaborative innovation, industrial cooperation and joint promotion.