Recently, the annual meeting of Anti Network-Virus Alliance of China (ANVA) was held in Beijing. The meeting announced the list of 8 newly admitted members, including Ruijie Networks, which is the only comprehensive network vendor on the list.
ANVA was coordinated and established on July 7th, 2009 by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) with support from CNCERT/CC. It aims at improving the prevention and governance of Internet viruses, purifying cyberspace and maintaining public network security through self-discipline mechanism of the industry. Members of ANVA mainly include Internet operators, Internet service providers, network security agencies, vital departments on information system that rely on the Internet for business, and other related industry organizations, together with numerous Internet users.
Ruijie gets highly recognized by ANVA for its complete security solutions and outstanding anti-virus capabilities. Ruijie can provide users with thorough security services including penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, secure operation, security consulting, emergency response, security training, etc. Moreover, it can offer users with full set of security products, such as products on security situation awareness, next-generation firewall, web application firewall, behavior auditing and so on. Apart from these, as a comprehensive network vendor, Ruijie has the ability of introducing overall network-wide solutions regarding security, switches, wireless, etc.
In 2019, Ruijie launched two featured products, RG-DDP dynamic defense system and RG-Sandbox, to guard against unknown security threats and malicious programs. RG-DDP is a network attack behavior-based analysis platform for the spreading of viruses and network scanning attacks, which makes up for the passiveness and delays of feature-based malware detection. RG-Sandbox can simulate the running of potential malicious programs in network traffic, identifying malicious behaviors through behaviors, including behavior on file execution, network communication and e-mail sending/receiving. Integration of the new RG-WALL 1600 series next-generation firewall and RG-Sandbox can satisfy two "opposing" requirements of detection performance and accuracy, effectively increasing the malware detection rate to more than 99% so as to guarantee network security.
In the future, Ruijie shall, as always, be committed to the prevention and governance of network viruses, enhancing the detection and defense of network viruses through various innovative technologies, and sharing sample information of network viruses with ANVA. By doing this, Ruijie will contribute more to the entire Internet space.