On March 6th, Ruijie Networks Global Partner Conference 2019, themed “Hand in Hand to Flourish and Thrive”, was held in Nanjing, China. During the conference, Ruijie reviewed the achievement of “Doing Better and Being Stronger” strategy, launched innovative next-generation products and solutions, and discussed with more than 8,000 partners for growth and a brighter future.
▲ Main Venue of Ruijie Networks Global Partner Conference 2019 
For this year, together with domestic partners, over 100 international partners joined in the grand gathering, coming from Türkiye, Sri Lanka, Russia, Mongolia, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong China, etc. 
▲ Domestic and International Partners
In the keynote speech, Liu Zhongdong, President of Ruijie Networks, made his points, “In 2019, only by being ultimate can any business be strong; only by being strong, can any business survive and flourish.” As the only way to achieve sustained, sound, and steady development for any business, “being ultimate and being strong” was interpreted by Liu Zhongdong from four dimensions. That is, refining competitive product for offerings, cultivating skilled employees for teams, refining delegation for management, and hypertargeting for marketing. Pessimism in macro economy won’t exert any influence on us if the above 4 points can be done.
▲ Liu Zhongdong, President of Ruijie Networks
The year 2018 is one of booming expansion and growth for the international market of Ruijie. Guided by the faith of being ultimate and being strong at the company level, the international exploration will continue to adhere to the guideline of “Industry-focused | Deepen-partnership” and further refine the strategy to make it as the 2.0 version.
According to Dirk Yin, Deputy General Manager of the International Business Division of Ruijie Networks, “Based on scenario-oriented innovation, the company has outdone itself continuously and made breakthroughs in various sectors, like government, telecommunications, Internet, finance, transportation, manufacturing, etc. 2018 has also witnessed great success of our international development, benefiting from resolutely conducting the Industry-focused | Deepen-partnership strategy. Hence, this strategy will continue to exert significant influence in 2019.” As Dirk put it, “The small and medium-sized enterprise market is of great potential and should still be the top priority of this year. As of which, hospitality and CCTV will be of paramount importance when it comes to resource investment. Meanwhile, education and data center solutions will also be given close attention.”
▲ Dirk Yin, Deputy General Manager of the International Business Division of Ruijie Networks
In terms of the international partner strategy, according to Grace Zeng, Vice President of Ruijie Networks, the company will make every effort to cement the “value-added” ecosystem of partnership as last year and make new breakthroughs in building a more comprehensive and sustained partner system.
▲ Grace Zeng, Vice President of Ruijie Networks
With years of careful management and operation, Ruijie Networks has managed to build a partner ecosystem that ranks among the most dynamic and fastest growing ICT channels in China. 2019 shall be another year full of “risks” and “opportunities”. Under such circumstances, Ruijie will cooperate with its partners to seize more opportunities in innovative technology and digital transformation by leveraging the latest technological advancement, making the most of our own advantages for rapid growth. Let’s go hand in hand with partners to flourish and thrive!