Recently, Ruijie Networks has demonstrated its outstanding advantages in technology, products and services over other competitors in the bid for Cloud Data Center Project of China Post Group.
Several products from Ruijie, such as RG-N18018-X cloud architecture data center core switches will be deployed in the cloud data center of China Post Group at the core, convergence area, partition access and other locations. Ruijie will provide robust support for the cloud data center of the Group with its highly performing, highly reliable and highly scalable data center products, as well as its all-round services.
In the strategic digital transformation featuring Mobile Internet, Internet of Things, Big Data, and Cloud Computing, China Post Group has formulated a new policy to promote its construction of information technology-based system. The Group is aiming at renovating its legacy private cloud network, with a more advanced, reliable, and highly scalable network to drive its data center businesses, to accommodate the business transformation and applications at scale in the future.
The data center switches from Ruijie are right choices to meet demands of China Post Group to construct the cloud data center networks, in terms of performance, capabilities and reliability. Powered by the innovative Zero Backplane technology, as well as the high-end CLOS direct orthogonal switching architecture, the winning RG-N18000-X (Newton) series switches support up to a maximum of 461T switching capacity, with up to 9.6T forwarding capability per slot, and up to 1,152 100GE, 576 40GE, 2,304 25GE, 2,304 10GE ports at full line rate per chassis. With such a high forwarding capability and the high-density, large-capacity ports, the Group can drive its cloud businesses in the next 5 years. In addition, the products shortlisted in the project also include RG-S6220 and RG-S6000C series switches, which, with its all 10G cloud data center access, virtualized features, and a board range of data center management capabilities, can adapt the network equipments to the cloud businesses, and realize the full integration between them, unlocking the full potentials of the converged networks.
Through years of trials and tribulations in the market, Ruijie has gained fruitful results with its data center products in several high-end areas in data center construction like Internet, telecommunications, finance, etc. With its Customer First philosophy in mind, Ruijie is actively providing professional services in response to customer needs, thereby having established a good reputation in the industry.