Result of the tender for Wi-Fi devices for the first batch of high-speed trains of China Railway Gecent Technology Co., Ltd. (China Railway Gecent) was recently released. Ruijie Networks has won the bid with the largest share. The project for bidding involves 81 Fuxing high-speed trains. With the support of Ruijie’ mobile Internet operations solutions for high-speed trains, passengers can access the Internet through the Wi-Fi network for more recreational activities during their journey. Also, China Railway Gecent can engage in business development, data mining and more precise mobility services based on their Wi-Fi data.
Win the Largest Share with Comprehensive Strength
Jointly established by China Railway Investment, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group and Tencent, China Railway Gecent is mainly engaged in construction and operations of Wi-Fi platform for high-speed trains and providing integrated online and offline mobility services for passengers in railway stations and on trains, including Wi-Fi service, leisure and entertainment, news, online food ordering, unique e-commerce, trip with stopovers and smart retail. Currently, China’s high-speed train network covers 200 million people a year, with a total number of 1.71 billion trips. This high-speed train Wi-Fi project is the first Wi-Fi device procurement project for the first batch of high-speed trains since China Railway Gecent was founded. Within the next five years, over 1,000 Fuxing high-speed trains pre-installed with Wi-Fi devices will be delivered, and more than 2,000 Hexie high-speed trains will be upgraded with the same service later.
Full coverage of free Wi-Fi access not only benefits the passengers, but provides a great opportunity for Wi-Fi device providers to demonstrate their brand equity, since there are intense competitions in this field. After several rounds of competition, Ruijie was finally recognized by China Railway and China Railway Gecent and won the bid with the largest share with its technological strength and overall solution capability, as well as its rich experience in the construction of Wi-Fi network in transportation field, including high-speed trains, general-speed trains, buses and metros.
Leverage the Advantage of Mobile Operations Solutions for High-speed Trains to Create Superior Wi-Fi Experience
It is not easy to ensure a superior Wi-Fi experience on high-speed trains at a speed of 350 kilometers per hour. First, due to the high speed, the problem of signal degradation and insufficient signal penetration caused by Doppler effect needs be solved during the connection. Secondly, the problem of Wi-Fi performance in a high-density access environment needs be solved to ensure a smooth experience with no lagging or disruption when passengers enjoy applications such as watching high-definition videos or having a video chat. And to realize full coverage of free Wi-Fi access on high-speed trains, there will be a huge burden of device maintenance and management. The only way to ensure a superior Wi-Fi experience on high-speed trains is having reliable and high-quality Wi-Fi products and related supporting services provided by the provider.  
Ruijie’s mobile Internet operations solution for high-speed trains digs deep down into various scenarios of high-speed train operations and meets users’ needs. The solution adopts a distributed heterogeneous multi-network convergence train-ground communication technology, with one branch server and two APs deployed in every carriage for Wi-Fi coverage. Carriages are connected through cables or wireless bridges. One central server is deployed on a high-speed train and the train accesses the Internet through central server’s 4G link, and the central server adopts the 802.11ac wireless network in the station to synchronize locally stored information. When users access the Internet, the central server will conduct audit, security control, application recognition and traffic limit for users based on the data it receives during the Internet access. Meanwhile, Ruijie has a strong technology team and a nation-wide service network to provide a robust service guarantee for continuous and reliable operations of Wi-Fi solutions.
We have been witnessing the rapid development of information era from disconnected transportation to connected transportation, and to free Internet access through Wi-Fi network anywhere and anytime during journey. As a leading brand in data communication solutions in China, Ruijie has secured the largest domestic market share in Wi-Fi services on metros and buses. Ruijie has been updating and improving the network requirement on high-speed train’s on-board, station and ground operation centers since the company’s self-development of Wi-Fi product for high-speed trains in 2014, which lays a solid service foundation for faster, more convenient and intelligent transportation.