On November 14 - 16, 2018, the Global Network Technology Conference (GNTC) focusing on new development trends of networking technology was held in Nanjing, China. As one of the most influential conferences on networking technology in the world, it gathers more than 2,000 industry experts, business representatives and leading-edge technology fans across the world to deeply explore the practical applications of relevant technologies. The topic of this event covers various popular areas in IT technology, including but not limited to IPv6, SDN, IoT and Edge Computing.
Ruijie Networks, as a leading company dedicated to data communication solutions, was invited to attend this conference. Speakers from Ruijie delivered the keynote speeches at the SDN Technology Summit and P4&Stratum Workshop.
Digital Power for an Intelligent Future
Lin Jinghua, SDN Technical Architect of Ruijie Networks, shared his views in the keynote speech Digital Power for Intelligent Future at the SDN Technology Summit of GNTC. He outlined the significant changes and challenges brought to data center networks, enterprise campus networks and wide-area VPN networks by the overwhelming technological trends including Cloud Computing, Mobile Internet, Big Data, IoT, AI, etc., and stated the great importance of the digital transformation in businesses. In this speech, he pointed out that the digital business transformation promises higher profit margin and stronger competitiveness for a company, and the profits margin would be increased by 64% after the digital transformation being put into practice for all the businesses in a company, according to ZK Research Report.
However, the digital transformation also leads us to think how we can achieve business objectives in a better way with the help of networks, accelerate the business operations, and ensure the business continuity to meet different business requirements. 
Lin said that Ruijie incorporated big data, AI, machine learning and various other technologies into the scenario-based SDN networks to create an intelligent network. In this way, we can build a more flexible network to promote the digital business. The traditional approach of separating business operations from network infrastructures has been changed. Traditionally, we had to resolve errors in a passive way after they occurred; now, we can use predictive approaches to proactively prevent errors. The entire lifecycle of the network operation can be automated, from network planning, design and policy optimization to analytics and assurance. We will no longer be heavily dependent upon error-prone human skills; instead, we will use AI-based intelligent operation and maintenance in place of the manual work.
He also pointed out that Ruijie always keeps the scenarios and user demands in mind to explore and practice IBN network solutions. We have added network telemetry and intelligence to enhance the simple SDN network automation, allowing network systems to be intent translators, data analysts, network trial users and intranet security guardians. We can reduce the overall cost and skill requirements in network operation and maintenance through the design, deployment, policy, analysis, and assurance of the network in its full lifecycle. We can also ensure that our business policy and user intents can be understood in the network to meet the rapidly growing business demands. In this way, we can promote the digital transformation in our company.
Exploration and Practice on Programmable Network Elements
At GNTC 2018, P4&Stratum Workshop led by Open Networking Foundation has drawn close attention from a lot of companies to look into the digital transformation. In this workshop, Su Wenqiang, Technical Architect of the Switch Business Unit of Ruijie Networks, delivered his keynote speech Exploration and Practice on Programmable Network Elements.
Su talked about programmable technology in this workshop, and said that it set off a new wave of network technology transformation. Ruijie has actively looked into its applications in both public cloud gateway and IDC scenarios, and concluded that programmable technology, as an alternative to the server cluster, can be used to create the business gateway in the public cloud scenarios, realizing significant cost savings. In IDC scenarios, programmable technology is able to effectively improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance through visualization in multiple ways. Ruijie, in collaboration with customers in various industries, has put this idea into practice to meet customers' demands, and gained rich experience in the practical use of programmable technology. 
As a leading data communication solution supplier, Ruijie Networks is always committed to alleviate customers' pain points by putting technology into practice in this industry. At GNTC 2018, Ruijie has demonstrated its technological expertise and innovative capability to embrace the network technology transformation in the future. With its value of Customer Service First, and the principle of Open to New World, Ruijie will continuously promote the development of IT industry, and accelerate the business digital transformation with its own advanced technology.