Recently, China Mobile announced that Ruijie Networks had won the bid for its Centralized Procurement of Datacenter Switches (2018) with a share of 70% as the top winner. As a leading data communication solution supplier in China, Ruijie Networks fought its way through the competitors with its well-regarded technology in datacenter switches, ranking among the core datacenter suppliers  for China Mobile.
Products from Ruijie that are on the shortlist include RG-N18000-X (Newton) Series Datacenter Core Switches and RG-S6220-H Series Datacenter 10-Gigabit Access Switches.
As one of the core switches with the top configuration in the industry, the Newton switch series features not only high density, high capacity and large cache, but also stability with mean time between failures (MTBF) of at least 200,000 hours. It supports data transfer at full wire speed for all ports, which enables a smooth and constant upgrade of datacenter network in the coming decade and equips carriers for explosive growth in its datacenter.
▲ Ruijie RG-N18000-X (Newton) Series Datacenter Core Switches
Ruijie is one of the most loyal partners and has been working closely with China Mobile in the fields of midmarket & low-end switches as well as WLAN. Entering into China Mobile’s datacenter procurement marketplace has always been a goal for Ruijie’s datacenter product lineup. 
According to Donghao Lin, Associate Director of Ruijie’s Research Group, Ruijie fully understands that the carrier datacenter is on the tip of the application pyramid, so much so that Ruijie Datacenter Group digs deep down into various scenarios of carrier datacenters, and keeps up with technical demand for high-end switches from China Mobile for its datacenter. By proactively participating in tests and investing in product development and management, quality management, technology innovation, etc., Ruijie manages to completely meet China Mobile’s requirements. The inclusion of our products into the procurement not only represents a major breakthrough by Ruijie in the datacenter market, it also demonstrates the quality of Ruijie’s products has already met the domestic carriers’ standard.
The fact that Ruijie’s products suit China Mobile’s needs in the construction of datacenter perfectly in terms of function and performance, and Ruijie’s good track record for market share, service capability, and industrial experience makes a big difference to make this inclusion happen.
According to Feng Duan, General Manager of Carrier System Department from Ruijie, “Ruijie keeps a close eye on the need for the construction of datacenter and the evolving trend of product technology. The inclusion of our products into China Mobile’s procurement is a milestone in Ruijie’s carrier datacenter products. Ruijie shall, as always, work hard to provide China Mobile with high-level services for its journey of datacenter network construction.” 
Datacenter switches from Ruijie have captured a leading position after years’ honing in China’s market and received high recognition from its peers. Ruijie boasts a fruitful journey in many sectors like Internet and finance, and gets involved in network design and deployment of datacenter with Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, Qihoo 360, China Construction Bank (CCB), Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC), Bank of Beijing, etc. 
Ruijie’s continuous digging into the scenarios and advancement in products, together with customers’ long-standing support and recognition, help contribute to constant breakthroughs in carrier datacenter. That said, Ruijie is going to be a key player in the field of carrier datacenter in the near future.