The 2018 World Artificial Intelligence Conference concluded in Shanghai on September 19th. With the theme of “A New Era Empowered By Artificial Intelligence”, this conference featured “globalization, sophistication, specialization and marketization”. It brought together top experts, scholars and industrial elites in the field of artificial intelligence in the world, sharing the cutting-edge technologies, industrial trends and hot issues in the industry.
More than 150 forward-looking companies and over 200 distinguished guests from around the world attended the conference, during which, more than 30 theme forums were conducted, with over 70 AI scenario applications presented. Through theme forums, on-site experience and many other activities, the participants had the opportunities to see the changes brought by artificial intelligence to everyone's work and life.
Before the conference, the number of participants was estimated to be more than 60,000, while there would be thousands of workers on site. Therefore, the organizers paid great attention to the safety and stability of the wired network in the conference hall. With several years of service guarantee for major events at home and abroad, Ruijie Networks has provided the complete support for the construction of the wired network inside and outside the conference hall and fulfilled the task successfully. The gold value of the world-class technical services from Ruijie has been shown behind the numbers.
Network Setup Based on Scenarios
According to the division of business, the conference was equipped with data network, live broadcast network, and equipment network. Ruijie has customized the network construction plan for the workloads over the 3 special business networks.
As a platform supporting the wireless communications in the conference, the data network carries the business data from each unit, so had high requirements on network performance and stability. In view of this situation, Ruijie deploys a dual-core virtualization architecture with two core switches to build up a secure, reliable and redundant core network. The core switch has 20K of ARP table entries with a high-density access capability in a high-density network environment. In Hall A, the access switches are interconnected to the core switch through the Gigabit dual-link according to the distribution between the devices. In Hall B, the access switches are interconnected to the core switch through a Gigabit dual-link backbone architecture with dual aggregation. Access switches include fixed configuration switches and PoE switches, where PoE switches carry ports for data transmission and power supply over wireless AP in the venue. At the same time, egress gateways and firewalls are deployed in the exit of the data network. Intelligent routing function of the egress gateway is used to implement load balancing of multi-link access, fully utilizing the resources of the egress link. The next-generation firewall is used to provide security protection for business data through its application-based seven-layer security protection mechanism.
The role of the live broadcast network is to provide data transmission services for live broadcast business during the conference, while the equipment network is used to support the routine work including on-site security monitoring, broadcasting, and so on. In order to ensure the security and reliability of the network services, Ruijie adopts the dual-core virtualization technology in the live broadcast network, and intelligent routing and multi-link load balancing technology at the exit to ensure fast inward and outward forwarding over the live broadcast network. The monitoring network is designed with full Gigabit devices to ensure that the switch's port rate would not become a bottleneck for video surveillance transmission.
Professional and Effective Service Guarantee
Not just the network construction support was provided in the conference, but Ruijie also provided 24/7 on-site service guarantee for the venue. A special project group was set up before the conference, gathering more than ten technical engineers and technical experts, to conduct the field survey several times, and perform continuous testing and optimization to achieve the best results. From the very beginning of the project implementation to the successful conclusion of the conference, Ruijie has set up a most suitable information transmission network for the conference with its full-scale, professional and product-oriented operation mode, providing professional and effective service guarantee, realizing "zero failures" during the conference, which has been generally recognized by all parties.