On September 19th, the Computing Conference 2018 was held in Yunqi Town, Hangzhou, thus making the town become the most ubiquitous landmark on mass media. Themed "Empower Digital China", the conference covered various cutting-edge topics such as financial technology, intellectual networking, blockchain and machine intelligence. This is an over-60,000-participant event that brought together the world's best developers as well as innovative entrepreneurs with glamor of digital China fully revealed.
As an important partner of Alibaba Group, Ruijie Networks cooperated deeply with the Internet giant in fields including data center, private cloud, IoT, group office and Cainiao logistics, etc. In addition, Ruijie has been providing SuperWi-Fi based on-site wireless network service for the fourth year in a row. While offering the ultimately lag-free Wi-Fi experience for over 10 thousand attendees, Ruijie also demonstrated thoroughly its technological innovations in data center, mobile Internet, new retail, industrial IoT, urban IoT, big data and AI, with "Scenario-based Innovation·Empower Digital Future" as its theme.
SuperWi-Fi for the 4th Year in a Row, Setting Standard for Wireless Service
As one of the world's top technology events, the Computing Conference 2018 attracted more than 100,000 site attendees and tens of millions of online participants. Known as a "10-thousand-user level Wi-Fi" vendor and the "standard" service supplier for the past 3 years, Ruijie was selected again for this year to be the provider of SuperWi-Fi one-stop instant wireless service for the conference.
Scenario-based innovation is the driving force of Ruijie’s innovation philosophy, especially in the wireless field. There were 7 areas covered by wireless service during the event. Ruijie made its network design based on different Internet access needs and density of visitors in main venue, exhibition area, conference room and outdoor area, carrying out on-site environmental observation and point map analysis for music festivals, live video streaming, unmanned vehicles and interactive forums. From the design and implementation of solutions to debugging and optimization, Ruijie successfully satisfied the needs in less than 10 days. After the opening of the conference, on-site engineers provided real-time support to ensure the signal strength being the best at anytime, anywhere. The excellent wireless access experience was highly recognized by guests.
6 Innovations Presented in the Conference, Technical Strength Fully Demonstrated
At the conference, Ruijie not only took on the responsibility of on-site wireless service for the fourth year, but also made a wonderful display with its "6 scenarios", namely data center, mobile Internet, new retail, industrial IoT, urban IoT and big data, which would play a critical role in supporting the blueprint of Digital China.
  • Data Center
Ruijie showcased its core switch with world's strongest performance, highest density and lowest delay. Through a bunch of innovative technologies including accurate congestion datastream identification, dynamic congestion watermark setting and fast back-pressure mechanism, plus the super low-delay capability that supports RDMA, Ruijie 25G/100G data center network solution will provide data center users with fundamental network support for new business scenarios such as deep learning, high-performance computing and storage.
  • Mobile Internet
This time, Ruijie also revealed the high technology backing its 10-thousand-user Wi-Fi solution. As the biggest wireless AI cloud platform in its class, WIS has been serving 300 million Wi-Fi users. It brought new features including AI network optimization, automatic diagnosis and intelligent feedback to the event, providing users with measurable, predictable and trustworthy Wi-Fi service. Besides, the triple RF 802.11ax wireless AP, which signifies the design with the highest rate in the industry and enables dual 10GHz wired/wireless access, also made its debut at the conference, attracting the attention of many corporate users and innovative entrepreneurs.
  • New Retail
Aiming at the new retail scenario, Ruijie presented its brand-new unmanned intelligent cabinets and network automation solution for retail stores. AI-based unmanned intelligent cabinets accurately identify purchased items through visual images and auxiliary gravity sensing algorithms. The network automation solution for retail stores provides a management process platform for the entire lifecycle of the business, forming a fully closed loop from engagement to delivery. In addition, Ruijie will cooperate with Alibaba Cloud Business Unit to develop "Cloud Network Integration & Agile Cloud Access" to minimize the IT cost under the new retail scenario.
  • Industrial IoT
Ruijie IoT Smart Factory Solution uses intelligent visual inspection to ensure component quality, intelligent motion robot capable of self-built navigation, industrial gateway with reliable and stable infinite return, and asset personnel management solution to ensure production safety for industrial products, offering industrial IoT scenario with minimal management.
  • Urban IoT
By utilizing innovative breakthroughs of LoRa base station, LoRa module and NB module, Ruijie has formed comprehensive support for smart city management with sub-systems including smart parking, smart trash can, smart manhole cover, smart smoke sensor and smart light control, and real-time monitoring and data synchronization of multi-scenario & multi-device status within urban area.
  • Big Data
Big data technology has opened the door of DT world to enterprises and industries. Therefore, Ruijie launched a big data solution to achieve the universalization of massive data, visualize the value of data, and comprehensively transform digitalization from network digitalization to data intelligence.
Continuous Effort in Enhancing Application Scene, Making Innovation Drive a Digital Future
As one of the world's hallmark events, the annual Computing Conference shows the thriving technological ecological panorama of cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence by depicting the latest trends and blueprints of technology development. Four years ago, together with the Computing Conference, Ruijie satisfied 10 thousand users with its Wi-Fi service by providing quality wireless support.
In the field of data communication, Ruijie Networks continues deepening its efforts in launching solutions and expanding applications for Internet data centers, office networks, commercial Wi-Fi, cloud office and new retail. Up to now, Ruijie has served more than 300 Internet companies and has been widely trusted and recognized by customers.
Today, Ruijie is here with superior technology in its class to fully demonstrate its capability in technological innovation, enhancing application scenarios and empowering digital future.