2018 Intel IoT Executive and Solution Summit took place on 12th-13th September in Chongqing, China. Over 150 partners participated in this event to discuss the development trend of Internet of Things (IoT) under AI influence and to share how to deepen industrial cooperation in terms of technology, platform and standard. As an important strategic partner of Intel, Ruijie Networks was invited to the summit to further discuss cooperation with Intel and to showcase the results of collaborative innovation.
At this summit, Ruijie demonstrated the Cloud Office Bolt Edition based on IDV (Intelligent Desktop Virtualization) architecture. The concept of IDV, first introduced by Intel, enables better support for virtualization through low-power CPU, achieving centralized management as well as distributed computation to significantly improve the performance of desktop virtualization with the help of software that supports local virtualization. The joint innovation laboratory built by Intel and Ruijie also takes IDV research as one of its important subjects. At present, it has achieved a series of phased research results. Both parties expressed their willingness to invest more R&D resources to promote the process of desktop virtualization in China.
"As strategic partners bearing close ties, Ruijie and Intel have been cooperating in a number of fields such as technology, business, commerce and market; meanwhile, we have been doing research and exploration in Cloud Desktop innovation and networking application development with customer need taken into account; we also map out and construct new ecological scenarios, working together to develop highly competitive industry solutions", said Hu Pengju, Vice President of Ruijie Networks, during a top management meeting.
Cloud Desktop is one of the key projects in the strategic cooperation between Intel and Ruijie. According to Qu Jingyang, Product Director of Cloud Office, Ruijie Cloud Desktop owns two product portfolios, namely Cloud Class Plus and Cloud Office. While continuing to lead the virtualized desktop market, Ruijie will iteratively update research and development of various products in conjunction with user scenarios, and will work with Intel to speed up exploration of technological innovation, assisting users to eliminate existing bottlenecks and limitations in traditional PC applications through continuous evolution and optimization of technology architecture. User experience therefore is able to be enhanced by this joint effort.
Currently, IoT-related technologies are widely used in transportation, logistics, agriculture, health care and many other fields. Every small advancement in technology brings about major changes in human lifestyle. Zheng Lei, General Manager of Ruijie IoT Business Unit, gave a comprehensive presentation about innovation breakthroughs regarding intelligent mobile robot system, new retail, workshop equipment management, control of production energy information flow, video back transfer in oil field production, industrial park security control, cargo information during track transport, O2O trade information platform, etc.
Tom L, Senior Vice President of Intel, General Manager of IOTG and Chen Wei, Vice President of IOTG, both attended the meeting with Ruijie executives. They expressed a strong interest in Ruijie's scenario-based innovation and the product exploration philosophy based on lean entrepreneurial thinking and were willing to participate in these regards, together with Ruijie to promote the integration of technology and application. They said that Intel is very appreciated and optimistic about the long-term strategic partnership with Ruijie, and are expecting in-depth cooperation with Ruijie in the future. At the meeting, both parties further established the direction and content of strategic cooperation in 2019.