In August 2017, Ruijie’s team won high praise at Suning’s Summer Show - Ruijie did a wonderful job for this evening. We are looking forward to cooperating with Ruijie again in the Show 2018. 
On September 7, 2018, Suning hosted its annual carnival Suning’s Summer Show again. Ruijie, as expected, offered its full support for the 6,000 attendees with SuperWi-Fi. It is the fourth consecutive year that Ruijie participates in the network design and deployment for Suning’s Summer Show, enabling wired and wireless network for the gala.
The gala, which can be regarded as “The New Year’s Eve Gala of Retail Industry”, has been around for 19 years. Suning’s Summer Show was initially open to its employees only in recognition of their efforts, yet now it has become one important window to show Suning’s business culture, and furthermore, to reflect the transformation in China’s retail industry. Suning has put forward “the spirit to be ultimate” this year, aiming to offer best goods out of Smart Retail at ultra high speed in the spirit of geeks. This spirit runs through the entire banquet:
  •  Network Optimization Escorted 100 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Show
100 unmanned aerial vehicles flew into the sky, forming images including Suning's mascot Little Lion and letters “Suning”. Staff of Suning on the spot created quite a “buzz” with the slogan, “We're Suning geeks! Together with YOU, Suning is to offer best goods at top speed. Let’s make it to the very summit in 2018! 
The UAV show required exclusive use of Channel 165 for Wi-Fi band 5.8GHz in the whole site, which posed a great challenge for wireless network optimization. It is necessary to configure 5.8GHz channels of public Wi-Fi access properly so as to avoid interference, even in the case of Channel 165 not being available. Ruijie’s Intelligent Wireless Service (WIS) is designed to address this problem. In the process of network planning and optimization, the channel optimization is customized, ensuring a successful UAV show with no interference on the spot during the banquet.
  •  Group-buying on the Scene, Great Challenge for Network Speed
That day (9.7) was Suning’s Group-buying Day as well. As a key project of Suning this year, Suning Pingou (group-buying) was setting new record on the very day, and offered specified goods at fixed time for snap-up as well.
However, group-buying put extra pressure on the already high-density scenario of wireless network. A huge increase in wireless capacity on the scene, AP concurrent performance, single AP tape machines and concurrent flow was to be properly addressed. High density on the scene resulted in nearly paralyzed 4G network by major carriers, making it impossible for users to open webpage smoothly, let alone completing the group-buying action. Yet Ruijie made it with its quality products and professional service by offering lag-free Wi-Fi, ensuring a smooth experience for users during the event. 
After the gala, one of the directors from Suning commented, “SuperWi-Fi deployed this time received high recognition. Ruijie’s wireless solution, once again, delivered satisfactory service to everyone.”
As the sole supplier appointed for four consecutive years by Suning’s Summer Show, Ruijie sticks to its customer-centric philosophy and offers customized solution for specific network requirements. Thus it is no wonder that Ruijie manages to complete the wireless deployment and ensure security of ultra-high-density scenes for Suning’s Summer Show for four consecutive years.
The instant wireless service SuperWi-Fi is one of Ruijie’s featured services and products introduced. Ruijie combines its high-performance wireless products and services with its professional team to meet the requirements of high-quality wireless coverage and accurate marketing service by customers in large-scale conferences. Ruijie’s wide range of service includes solution design, implementation and deployment, network hardware platform, marketing software platform, debugging and tuning, on-site guarantee and summary report.
So far, the service has been successfully applied to major events, including Tencent Global Partners Conference, Global Internet Technology Conference, Summit of China and Central and Eastern European Countries. On September 19th, SuperWi-Fi will also support the Computing Conference 2018 for the 4th time, which is held by Alibaba in its Yunqi Town in Hangzhou, China.