At the marina facing the Yellow Sea, sits a new city that is rising to prominence.
In 2018, the city of Qingdao infiltrated the ranks of China's "New First-Tier" cities. Since the 13th Five-Year Plan was initiated, the IT industry in the city has undergone constant and profound development. With the completion of the city's subway system, organizing of internationally-acclaimed beer festivals and conducting of a lot of jaw-dropping large-scale projects like Jiaodong International Airport, BAIC factory for new energy vehicles (Laixi), Kutesmart's "Industry 4.0" industrial estate, China-Germany Industrial Park, etc., a modern and smart city that leads the way for the country now stands proudly, known internationally for its Internet industry and informatization & digitalization advancements.
Ruijie Networks played a vital and indispensable role behind the construction of an IT city of Qingdao.
Supported the building of Jiaodong International Airport's information network system
Provided the brilliant evening light-up during the SCO Summit in 2018, using 4G routers
Used smart Wi-Fi solutions and turned the ancient town of Mogu into a "smart tourist site"
Provided innovative network for BAIC's Laixi factory for new energy vehicles
Whether at schools, factories, corporations, banks, or any form of scenario, Ruijie is constantly embedding the genes of Qingdao's digitalization, through innovative products and solutions to bring the smart city to life.
2018, the world sets its gaze on Qingdao once again.
On July 20, the 28th Qingdao International Beer Festival was officially launched. Ruijie was fully in charge of building the network system for the "beer city". Free Wi-Fi was provided with full coverage, which met the needs of tens of thousands of users. Tourists were provided with a great wireless Internet experience, whether sharing content on Weibo or communicating with friends over social networks.
In August, the spotlight is on Qingdao's top company again - Qingdao Kutesmart Co., Ltd.
As the exemplary company in the "Industry 4.0" era, Qingdao Kutesmart's transformation through digitalization has become an example for the world. Using Ruijie's smart manufacturing solutions, Kutesmart applies its customer-centric "source point" concept extensively, transforming traditional clothes manufacturing workflows into a smart manufacturing powerhouse capable of large-scale customization and developing the world-renowned "Cotte Yolan Model".
The path of evolution for Qingdao's digitalization continues. On 24 August 2018, the "China Enterprise Digital Transformation Submit" was grandly held in Qingdao. As the first data communications vendor-manufacturer to focus on enterprise digitalization transformations, Ruijie shared the powerful inner workings of how it assisted in Qingdao's informatization - precise solutions that target the vital issues of users, and the use of rigorous applications that target industries. These helped the city's enterprises successfully transform through digitalization.
In the future, Ruijie will continue to hold "scenario-based innovation" as a core objective in the creation of solutions, and work hand in hand with Qingdao to welcome the new smart wave in the digital era.